I love how the discussion about using has now resulted in people defending patch theory after someone dismissed the whole thing as "just another " 💓

@raichoo I laughed hard when I saw that the discussion moved away from Hikari to people explaining other people the world.

When has it become so hard to accept that there are technologies out there that not everyone uses and it's totally okay?

@_xhr_ Yeah, I can live with hikari not being the only thing they are discussing in the thread. I've made some pretty "controversial" decisions and I made them quite intentionally. I like that this is also generating some buzz for darcs and wayland in general.

@_xhr_ Of course seeing people considering to switch to BSD in this thread is also super nice.

@raichoo Would be a nice outcome. Let's hope they don't complain then that BSDs use antiquates SCMs like CVS or SVN :D

@raichoo recently had another bikeshed over cvs->mercurial on the mailing list with one person expressing the opinion that darcs would be ideal if it were written in a more portable language

it definitely has its fans

@nia Yeah, darcs certainly pulls in a lot of dependencies you don't want in a base system. I'm using quite a lot of Haskell stuff already so it's not an issue for me but I can see how this might annoy people.

@raichoo we're moving away from having the vcs in the base system because people don't really want another scripting language in base

it's fine imo, everything is available as bootstrappable tarballs that you can download, use to install a vcs, then pull in changes

@nia That also makes a lot of sense. I like the idea that FreeBSD base gives you pretty much everything you need to start developing, but let's be real, no one does that and for good reason.

@raichoo i mean if you have a massive central repository it's often much quicker to initialize a local copy from an archive than pull it from the server, especially with hg or git ^^
@raichoo @nia looking at the freebsd ports for it reminds me that I should get to update darcs in pkgsrc and maybe copy what ports does for cabal packages.

@raichoo ok, won't bother you about it again
But I might ask about your experience using darcs!

@shapr Sure thing, I think this is a far better discussion platform for my intents and purposes :)

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