What compositor are you using or interested in using? Boosts appreciated 💙

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For those wondering why I didn't list : I'm a bit more interested in the stand alone compositors, but voting "other" is absolutely valid and appreciated. Drop a comment as well if you like 😸

@bugaevc I didn't want to "well actually" into the replies. I know what they mean.

@raichoo Mutter (GNOME) because it doesn't support server-side decorations.

@raichoo I will need dwm like one when times come.

@raichoo Voted for and using sway. But want to try out hikari if I have time to play around.

@lgehr Working on 2.1.0 at the moment which is going to come out in about 2 weeks. Lots of good stuff coming there. It's kind of hard for me to look at the current release without thinking: darn that's so limited compared to what's coming :D

@raichoo That's exciting. I think I should take some time to play around with it then! Keep up the good work!

@lgehr Just trying to set some expectations: `hikari` is pretty opinionated regarding certain things and that sometimes rubs people. Just so you know 😸

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