If you like but would like to have some goodness in your life: The project is looking for a new maintainer.

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@jsoo I can only speak from my experience developing `hikari`: it is! But also very gratifying.

@raichoo it’s tempting! I would love xmonad or similar for Wayland

@jsoo The Wayland community is generally very helpful. I went into the whole thing without knowing anything about it and I've learned A TON in the process. Wayland is still (undeservedly) uncharted territory, if you want to leave a mark, here's a chance :)

@raichoo I’m not sure about leaving a mark but I do want to see xmonad live into the Wayland era. Maybe I would be better doing some contribution instead

@jsoo "Leaving a mark" might sound a bit egotistical and I didn't mean it that way. It certainly gives you a chance to built something you want and since Xmonad is already pretty popular, people will be glad someone is doing the project and give them the tools they want/need. It's a great way to give something back to the open source community.

@raichoo oh I didn’t take it that way. I definitely agree. It’s quite the undertaking to take maintainership of a project. Or maybe it’s not? You would know :D

@jsoo It's a lot of work, but in my case `hikari` is something I use every day, every time I'm interacting with my computers. So every time I make an improvement it has a drastic impact on me and everyone using it. It's a pretty cool experience, especially when you start implementing your own ideas and they turn out to be what you have always wanted 😸

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