Just released 2.1.0 😸🎉

* update to `wlroots` 0.11.0
* new lockscreen
* add public view flag to include views on the lockscreen
* add noop output to handle deallocation of all outputs
* inhabited sheet cycling is now wrapping
* add configuration for switches (e.g. lid switch)
* add keyboard configuration
* keyboard repeat rate/delay configuration
* add view preview on cycling
* improved renderer performance
* fix mouse dragging

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@raichoo Great work! I installed it last week, and just need the time and motivation to write a configuration to my liking. What do you suggest to start that? Is there a default configuration that I can gradually modify, or should I start from scratch?

@lthms There is a default configuration installed into `etc`. I would recommand to copy that one and work up from there. Here's mine if you want some inspiration :)

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