What is the most interesting "fringe" compositor for you at the moment. Specifically excluding , (kwin) and (mutter) because they are very well established and popular. Comments and boosts appreciated (would love to see more Wayland related content in the Fediverse) 😸

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Kind of surprised that `dwl` overtook `river`. My guess is that it's because of familiarity?

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@raichoo looking forward to try them all actually, to challenge my established workflows.

@dnkl I hope that `dwl` and `river` are going to reach some level of maturity in the near future. A lot of people seem to be looking for that kind of workflow.

@raichoo I use river but do not really make use of its scripting capabilities. I think a config file that is part of the source code is a clever idea. I will try #dwl again when layer-shell gets implemented.

@Ordoviz The X11 implementation of `hikari` worked just liked that. There was a configuration header and you needed to recompile. However, I think I prefer the configuration file format 😸

@raichoo an "I just want to see the results" option would be nice

@duncanturk There are only 4 options in a poll and I didn't want to leave one of the compositors out.

@duncanturk Yeah… it's a bit lacking. Would be nice if the "just show me the results" option would just be something one could add to a poll without taking up one slot.

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