I've now heard plenty of times that compositors are less power efficient than because they do compositing, which is blatantly wrong. My Wayland setup uses less energy than my Xorg setup did WITHOUT compositing. This is not that surprising when you take a look at how the whole thing works. (I have no comparable values for window managers that have built in compositing but I imagine Wayland compositors to still perform better here)

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@raichoo is abomination which needs to die our ASAP.

@charlag It served us well for some time (and probably also kind of held us back). We seriously need to move on though.

@lanodan I get significantly more time when running on battery. I have not measured actual numbers (which is a bit hard since hardware is degrading over time). Overall I think I have around an additional 60 minutes on my main system.

@raichoo Oh wow, maybe that could explain why I seem to get more battery time on my T495 than others.

@lanodan Could very well be the case. I've heard others report similar things after they've switched, so it's not an isolated incidence.

@alexshendi Runs on FreeBSD and probably also on DragonflyBSD. There is some work being done on NetBSD, none on OpenBSD so far AFAIK.

@alexshendi I think there is also a port to Hurd and Mac OS.

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