The fact that we can have multiple open source operating systems but not one open source fully fledged browser that is not tied to a company worries me. The web truly has gotten way too complex.

Worse, not one open source fully fledged browser that is not tied to *one and the same company whichever browser you pick* of the *only two options*.

@raichoo I couldn't agree more. How is this possible for so many other projects but not something so essential as a browser?

If you haven't seen it, I love this article. It is possible.

@LPS The biggest issues seems to be that the web has been artificially complicated in many ways. It's nearly impossible to implement something as complex without massive funding or a backing entity that also shapes the standards you need to implement. With the way the web is currently standardized it's like fighting windmills.

@LPS Just for the minutes: It isn't either. FLOSS operating systems have impressively improved the last two decades, but they still lag behind proprietary ones in quite some aspects - unfortunately these aspects aren't what's relevant to the crowd using them. There's too much "law of the instrument" going on here too. 😔

@raichoo Maybe both. The web has gotten way too complex, but the community is too fragmented and unfocused. There's too much playing-around, too much doing things just for fun and no real commitment to join forces and solve such problems. We would need one good non-corporate web browser. Do we really need a dozen of half-baked open-sourc operating systems?

@raichoo @LPS Also its not entirelly true that OS'es have no companies behind them. Look at redhat, canonical for example. The truth is that no software can beat propetary ones if there is not enough funding. People need to eat.

@muppeth @raichoo all the more reason to support "public money, public code" something this important should be treated like infrastructure with a public funding model. It's a matter of human sovereignty.

@raichoo Sometimes I wonder what happened with Konqueror and the KHTML rendering engine.Some years ago,it was a solid base that Apple took to create Webkit and then Google took Webkit to create Blink so almost everyone is using KHTML nowadays 🤔 But I haven't heart about the KHTML or Konquerer project itself for years.That was a fully featured and truly open source and free software browser which was developed by KDE e.V.,a non-profit.And it's actually the only real free software browser I can think of 😕 Another browser that isn't that bad is Pale Moon but I think it still heavily depends on upstream fixes from Mozilla 😕

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