What baffles you the most? How bad a lot of software is, or that people are actually getting away with it? 🤔

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@raichoo I don't mind bad software, if I don't have to live with it :) What baffles me is bad software that people *must* put up with.

@samae I'm looking at this from a "corporate angle" not that much open source. Just the stuff that the industry churns out and throws at customers.

@raichoo From that angle, “people getting away with it” is def the worst.

@samae I know that my stuff is not infallible and often leaves a lot of things to be desired. But people are not even paying me for that. I've seen payed software that people would be ashamed of if they had to open source it.

@raichoo I am in agreement with this experience.

I've recently explained to my product owner why I was doing things the way I did, and also that my plan would be totally different given a different time frame and target. They responded very positively by agreeing that they did not foresee (nor wished) that we rushed things just because it looked ok on their end.
@raichoo Software development is indeed quite complex.

@samae That's actually a pretty good response. I rarely got positive responses from product owners or project managers when they failed to communicate that a project is actually more complex even if developers told them beforehand.

@raichoo I write bad code all day, and nobody is letting me get away with it. It's just unfair :)

@raichoo Neither surprises me. It's just a mirror of society.

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