In the future you will be able to pay your ransomware with your anti virus software for better user experience.

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Everything is going to hell in a hand basket.

@raichoo I wonder how many will run that software and never realize, that it (probably) earns less money than it uses up electricity. I mean, you just can't tell me that an off the shelf desktop PC stands a chance against the efficiency of custom ASICs. And that's just on top of all the other cryptocurrency awfulness.

@tauli ETH is going to switch to Proof-of-stake at some point (they have been saying that for quite a long time though). That's however does not change the fact that crypto is mainly used to pay off ransomware and has pretty much almost no use beside that and gambling.

@tauli And we have seen how a crypto market can be manipulated just by Elon Musk farting on social media. It's just a bottomless piece of awful.

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