Longing for the day when "crypto" means "cryptography" again.

@raichoo I hate it when I say love crypto and someone assumes it means coins and nfts. There isn't even interesting cryptography in most of them

How to make hidden (κρυπτός) payments with Bitcoin &c? Yu don’t. Every transaction is visible to everyone. Admittedly anonymized, but still.
How to make hidden payments with cash? Just hand it over when nobody’s watching. 🤷🏼

@a000d4f7a91939d0e71df1646d7a48 @raichoo

I'm totally with you on this, I had to update every profile I had which mentioned my interest in cryptography.

@raichoo looking forward to when "crypto" is slang for a weird person who hangs around cemeteries

@raichoo and I am looking for the day that ML means MetaLanguage again.

@raichoo don't search for nft if you want to look for nftables commands or help.....

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