Tinkering with 'impossible' dove tail joints (and Blender).

Kleine Inseln im Garten des CCC Basel in der :
"Erkläre mit Zufall, was auch Absicht sein könnte."

Chaos Singularity 2020 ... schön wär's gewesen 😢

Never forget: the people-compressor a.k.a. die alte Compactus-Anlage im Archivraum des Röschtibach Space.

In the beginning there was the concave unicorner ...

Some units ready for .
Obviously recycled paper, there is still a bit of math on it.

Modelled a green glass bead in . Look not too bad but the image is still a bit noise because I used to few path samples.

But the main feature I played with is render-time mesh subdivision. The true mesh geometry is the polygonal one (first image) and a smooth version gets computed on the fly during rendering (second image).

This is still an experimental feature which has to be enabled explicitly (and for cycles only).

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