The joy of „Enterprise“ VPN KB/s 🐌

corona shitposting 

I hope the new vaccination pass will be super hightech. There should be a good reason to abolish the paper pass most people have already.
In general it would be cool to have a one-chipcard-fits-all. I want to use it as IKEA family pass as well and get a free coffee when I visit places.

Apple approved an App I developed for Beta testing.
If all goes well, beginning of March I can publicly release it for the General Aviation world.

If you use open source licenses for your project, like the Apache License, you are supposed to copy it verbatim. That means, do _not_ edit the seemingly blank Copyright notice. I did this mistake before.

I run FreeBSD on a production server now. Over the past half year, I installed FreeBSD on an old notebook to familiarize myself. Then I gradually tested in my home-lab what I will need in production. This week I setup prod.
Apart from its „completeness“, I like that there are hardly any services running by default. FreeBSD feels clean and seems to use less resources than Linux.

In front of my house is a small car ramp. Not steep enough to use a snowboard. Some kids attached a long rubber belt half way the ramp. Around ten meters before the ramp, a kid waits on a snowboard. Two others pull the belt back, hand it over to the one on the snowboard, and off they go, high speed down the ramp.
I love to see them hack their environment.

Dank @frommMoritz denk ich so, wie cool wärn Sticker mit „Kritis“ für den nächsten C3. Oder gibts die schon?

According to The Economist, productivity sunk less than the amount of working hours last year.
I wished this was a result of no-shared-office and working from home. But I guess that’s too simplified.


Ist dem fefe sein Blog immer noch oder schon wieder down?

Woodkid singing about gay relationships is very much resonating with me.

Are there examples in IT where the superior approach prevailed?

All youtube videos only accessible with a paid subscription.
This is not the case now, but could be a real scenario one day. Imagine all the knowledge siloed.

Functional programming is so satisfying. I wanted to group a flat array by value into a 2D array.
On the internet I only found solutions with mutable state, so I thought harder how to solve it. Turns out it’s 4 lines of code without any “magic”.

How I was taught functional programming in high-school, I thought it’s about recursion.
Now I learn about it in the context of parallel computing. The practicability and necessity of immutable variables is way clearer.

Tax office sent me paper mail that the tax discount from January over 1€ will change. The new tax discount, applying February, will be 1€.

Go memory model reference: "If you must read the rest of this document to understand the behavior of your program, you are being too clever.
Don't be clever."

Much love for this 😊

macOS M1 crashed into a reboot again. Cause: changing a file name via webdav.
I am not a security expert, but this has a strong smell. (For reference, this has happened before when I tried to zip a folder on webdav).

I wrote an article about the security of auto-updates. Updating is hard

My grandma is 83. She lives in Germany and got a Covid vaccination today. I am really happy for her.

The new Disenchantment season is so disturbing, I got nosebleeds.

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