Installed a CPU monitor to my task bar. Too often I relied on my fan lifting up alerting me.

Got a paper letter (!) saying my credit card is blocked (!!) because there was malicious activity detected (!!!) and I have to call a number (!!!!) to unblock.
Turns out buying a 0,79€ Steam game is enough to trigger all bells and whistles.
It’s unblocked now. The reason for the block: Criminals trigger small transactions to find out about a card and in a second step steal a big amount.

What do you people use for linux monitoring and alerting (file system, db, webserver)?
I find Icinga2 too big and Prometheus not the right choice.

Dutch T-Mobile sets 5G online today and my contract even includes free access. Cool.
My phone has no 5G transceiver and I am not planning to buy a new phone. Pity.


I wonder if historic job safety will lead to candidate‘s future decisions. For example uber, laying off so many employees during the pandemic, does not seem to be the safest option in the future.

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Okay here’s an opinion. Markov bots should have a CW on every toot they make, that reads “output of markov bot” or similar. Because when they get boosted onto my timeline with no CW I’m left stressing out trying to work out why I don’t comprehend what this person is saying, until eventually I work out it was a bot and I wasted that energy because it was meaningless. Can y’all see why an autistic person would find text that looks like real language but doesn’t make sense a trigger and a drain of energy? And that it’s a valid position to not want to waste my time reading words recycled by an unthinking computer script even if other people find them hilarious?
Even putting “bot” or “ebooks” in the display name isn’t good enough because people do that too as a joke! But it’s more ableist than it is funny.

I should have bought the game Inside by Playdead way earlier. It leaves me amazed, maybe even more than Playdead’s first game Limbo.
One reason I avoided it before was the 3D scenery. Now I understand why they chose it and it’s the best thing I know for a modern side scroller.

Seems like Safari under iOS does not support TLS client certificates.
The internet says only 1-tier root CAs (no intermediate certs) are supported. But that’s more guesswork in an old Apple forum.
Any experience failing or getting it to work?

After a good year, I played through Red Dead Redemption II tonight

For a month or so I have been using @tootapp for iOS. I enjoy Mastodon 100% more since. Thanks @zeitschlag for the pointer :)

I decided to work with my garage door up. Feel free to wander around in my digital garden. Not a blog, not a wiki. Mostly an experimental knowledge system.

In a hacker space, we once had the requirement for an electronic access system that enables privacy. We did not allow to track who accessed the space when. Still we need to add and revoke users.

Yesterday I researched anonymous authentication and implemented a paper by Lindell. With that it might be possible to implement such a system.

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Two weeks ago they decided to try out making miniature scenery. For the first time even thinking about it. And made these. Look at the *weathering* on the slate tiles. The *detail* on those books. There are nail holes in the planks on that jetty!

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„What is ‚Racism‘?“ by Dr. Laura Morlock. Written for white people.

‚You will never arrive at some magical city at the end of the checkerboard road where you will earn the badge “Not Racist.”

But you can use your one beautiful life to do what you can, when you can, to be consciously and actively anti-racism.‘

Does anyone have a invite code for me?

Apple‘s developer guide for Web Apps on iOS Safari is so buggy it’s impossible to read. I don’t know what that says about Apple, Web Apps and iOS.

Sitting by the window and seeing my phone’s screen brightness adapt on every cloud passing.

Keeping website certificates up to date can be hard, and monitoring is difficult to set up.
I wrote a little service that sends you an email together with a calendar entry for your certificate expiry.
It will remind you to check that everything is still how it should be, on the day it matters most.
Go and check it out :)

Next in politics we will see Amthors’ phone and computer storage “routinely” formatted as we saw it with von der Leyen (Bundeswehrskandal) and Andi Scheuer (PKW-Maut Skandal)

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