Switching back to pulseaudio and after one day I did not hear a single stutter while listening to music and working, so I'd say this is indeed a pipewire issue.
I'm too exhausted from linux shenanigans to tackle this problem this month, especially since pipewire does not actually benefit in any way.

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To eliminate a hardware issue (it's a new device), I should probably try pulseaudio for a day to see if it also stutters.

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My experience with PipeWire so far: Works mostly as a drop-in for PulseAudio, but echo cancellation is absolutely undocumented and even worse to setup than in PA.
The thing that kills it for me however is, under the SLIGHTEST load the audio starts stuttering and crackling, which is absolutely unacceptable. I'll poke it for another hour or so and then go back to PulseAudio, because, srsly, one job.

tech rant 

Well, I think I found my vram issues. It's… i3, the, you know, minimalist window manager, which seems to render big empty pixmaps for each window: github.com/i3/i3/issues/3479

I can reproduce this by just opening ten empty consoles, which almost crash my whole system and the VRAM usage skyrockets. When hiding the window decorators, VRAM usage is down by a lot.

I'm so tired of this.

I actually moved away from awesomewm because I hated maintaining the lua config file, but this is just… oof.

Und ja, es ist ziemlich sicher Linux und nicht die Hardware, weil… das BIOS-Logo wird auf dem externen Monitor angezeigt bevor der Kernel dran ist.

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Year of linux on the desktop und so:
Wenn ich on boot meine laptop lid zu habe, erkennt es keine externen Monitore.

Momentanes Prozedere zum booten:
- Laptop aufmachen
- booten
- usb-c dock ausstecken und wieder einstecken
- externe Monitore werden erkannt
- laptop zumachen

My new ThinkPad Z16 arrived yesterday and I am hit with some "new chipset"+linux problems, as is tradition:
- the BIOS regularly screams some L3 cache error correction error into the syslog, apparently that's a firmware bug and will be fixed soon
- X11 does not start directly after boot, because it can' find any graphics cards. I need to login into a VT and restart my DM, then it works. No clue what's going on here. I have some logs to investigate but prob just "wait for kernel firmware updates"

When you spill your drink onto your humidity sensor

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Sehr geehrte Frau Bauer, …
Sehr geehrter Herr Mayer, …
Sehr geehrte/r Divers Müller, …

Wie macht man das eigentlich richtig für personalisierte Ansprache wenn man nur einen Nachnamen und "Gender" kennt? Divers hört sich als Anrede falsch an.

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Hillel investigates why tech interviews

a) started asking questions about linked lists
b) never stopped

and dug up a bunch of nice historical context. Complete with research method narration, very good read! hillelwayne.com/post/linked-li

I also would be interested to know if this is a general difference between US and UK books? Both are published by Penguin Random House.

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I will, of course, keep the one with the same style as my copy of Volume One.

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Which spine version do you prefer? (See previous toot for picture)

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Since I accidentally preordered a book twice, but the cover creators of the US and the UK version seems to have different opions about the spine design, why not run an experiment? Which version do you like more? Vertical author and volume name or horizontal? Poll in the next toot!

Bonus: some in-progress pictures.
Fun fact, HPL is pretty tough to drill through, compared to wood.

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I am always suprised that a company as humongous as google does not have a "Show only nickname" option for profiles and all their products. Best I can get is "FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME (NICKNAME)". So now I have to set my nickname as my first name and nothing as my last name (which thankfully is supported). Until of course they need my real name again for some legal bullshit.

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If you are setting your torrent client to "English (GB)" you are technically not pirating.

You are privateering.

Creepy youtube ad 

What algorithmic clickbait nightmare is this? (also why did my ublock not catch that).

Thanks, creepy ad-laden quiz farm, I already know the answer to that question ;)

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