factorio, bigots, tone deaf dev 

Oh no.
The lead designer and co-founder of the game factorio has outed himself as an absolute techbro.
After writing some blogpost about some tech-stuff (factorio.com/blog/post/fff-366) mentioning "Uncle Bob", known old white programmer man with political "opinions", and having been told about said bad opinions on reddit he responded with (allegedly) "Take the cancel culture mentaility and shove it up your ass." in a now deleted (by the mods) comment.


factorio, bigots, tone deaf dev 

Comment mentioning Uncle Bob's political side here: reddit.com/r/factorio/comments
More on Uncle Bob here: blog.wesleyac.com/posts/robert
Watch the dev just continue digging himself deeper here: reddit.com/user/kovarex

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factorio, bigots, tone deaf dev 

Nevermind Uncle Bobs right wing bullshit, even his technical opinions are just… bad.
To be frank, I think Clean Code is absolute trash and should never be recommended to junior devs. Ever.

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