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Oh no.
The lead designer and co-founder of the game factorio has outed himself as an absolute techbro.
After writing some blogpost about some tech-stuff (factorio.com/blog/post/fff-366) mentioning "Uncle Bob", known old white programmer man with political "opinions", and having been told about said bad opinions on reddit he responded with (allegedly) "Take the cancel culture mentaility and shove it up your ass." in a now deleted (by the mods) comment.


factorio, bigots, tone deaf dev, sexism 

"I'm not defending that women shouldn't be senior software engeneers, but if someone would defend that, it doesn't make him a bigot just because he proposes that and have some arguments, only if those arguments were debunked and the person wouldn't be willing to change his mind, then yes, it sounds like a bigot.[…]"

Well, that is me probably never playing factorio again.

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factorio alternatives 

If you are looking for alternatives, Satisfactory is different, but also a nice factory builder. I haven't played Dyson Sphere Program yet, but after that I probably will very soon, I'll probably crave some base building after finishing Mass Effect.

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