I'll be replacing my NAS/homeserver soon. Currently I have a HP microserver with archlinux running on it. I mostly use it for storage, plex and nzb stuff.
I am also getting too old to tinker around with everything from scratch anymore.
What's the fedi opinion on QNAP? What would you recommend for a person who could set up their own NAS with linux, but doesn't want to?

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After some cursory googling it seems that having the encryption key on a usb stick or yubikey doesn't seem to work with qnap without tinkering, so that's a point deduction for "plug and play".

@rash I‘m running the same 4-Bay-NAS for nearly 14 years now. QNAP TS419. 👌

@nortix Do you encrypt your drives and if yes, how do you handle encryption?

@rash @rixx Using Synology since about a year and just love the ease of use. Also thought about QNAP, but I remember I got mostly recommendations to avoid it due to having a lot of vulnerabilities that stayed unpatched for quite some time or something like that.

@ctm Ah, thanks for the info, I'll have to look into that. Do you encrypt your drives, and if yes, how?

@rash currently I don’t, but there is a feature for that in the DiskStation OS. Not sure how exactly that works

@rash Looking for the same thing. Almost tempted to buy Synology. The encryption setup you mention will probably also not be possible, though.

@rami I'll tell you if I decided on a solution ;)
My fallback is still "buy the newest hp microserver and install arch".

@rash @rami I had to decide that in the beginning of 2021 because I didn't want to pay for the 80W making 1/4 of my electricity bill any longer. I decided for a raspi4 and a SSD. Good enough for backups. So I would ask for our usecase first?

@leah @rash @rami

> I mostly use it for storage, plex and nzb stuff

@leah My use case is backups for other devices (no backup discussion plz ^^), bouncing files between devices (laptops and desktop) and a (headless) media server. The TV is controlled via a firetv, so the NAS isn't playing anything directly, just hosting the files/running Plex.

@leah Current hardware is a hp microserver Gen9 with 4x 6TB HDDs in a RAID… 6 I think.

@rash If you don't need extensive storage than the variation with the rapsi might be a cheap and efficient solution. If you want redundancy and don't want the admin stuff the synology NAS are good if they support your media server. If you want the encryption feature I think you have to go with a custom solution.

@leah We need probably more than 10TB of storage, so I'll have a look into what software I can run on synology.

@rash @leah I admin around 500TB in total with TrueNAS CORE. From Microserver to 4HE 19". Plex, nzb are available as Plugins. Rock solid BSD/ZFS based opensource storage appliance.

Feel free to ask questions!

@MacLemon @rash @leah I‘d second TrueNAS. I‘m running two smaller setups with 4x3TB and 4x5TB in Proliant Microservers - just rock solid.

@MacLemon @rash @leah For the setup at home, I’d really like to have something quieter and less power hungry.

Is there a board like a RasPi with Ethernet, 4 SSD slots and FreeBSD support? 😅

@daftwullie You can run some of the intel Atom C3xxx, Xeon-D and likely some of the new/upcoming Xeon-E 23xx boards fanless or completely passively cooled. Just give it enough case volume for air convection for the storage media.
There‘s a nice case by Chenbro which is living-room silent. To get a good insight on how such a system could look like:
You can likely build it somewhat cheaper if you‘re into self-building.

@daftwullie You may also get an AMD system, though I don’t have any of these in production yet with TrueNAS.

HP Microservers G8/9/10/10+ are also very nice. Just make sure you get a CPU with AES instructions. (The smaller ones in the G8 come without AES-NI. Most others should be fine, but better check.)

@MacLemon I currently have a HP Microserver at home. I was just hoping for something quiter, smaller and less power hungry.

Well, ok, wow, I just realized the machine is already elven years old… maybe there was some technical progress in the meantime 🤔

@daftwullie If you're still on an N54 or N36 you may wanna upgrade. :-) But still, G8 or higher are still very nice boxes. It may also help to simply give it a good clean and maybe a new silent fan. :-)

@MacLemon It’s a N36. Maybe I go for a silent fan first before spending more money - it’s still running and I won’t need anything faster.

@MacLemon @rash @leah I second that. Running TrueNAS on a self built system with 4 * 8TB HDDs in a RAID Z2. Uses about 40W for me (constantly, I don’t spin the disks down).

It’s worth the expense as it’s the only way to semi-reliably store data at the place where I run this system (no Internet uplink to speak of)

@rash Was gefunden oder auf arch zurückgefallen? ^^

@rami Ich habs vertagt, hab noch genug andere Projekte ^^

@rash I had the same setup (N40L HP Microserver, Archlinux, no more motivation to maintain the software part). So I reinstalled it with FreeNAS (now TrueNAS) and coupled it with a cheap APC USV. This worked flawless for over 5 years now, even the migration from FreeNAS to TrueNAS was a click of a button. I am still happy with it.

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