My experience with PipeWire so far: Works mostly as a drop-in for PulseAudio, but echo cancellation is absolutely undocumented and even worse to setup than in PA.
The thing that kills it for me however is, under the SLIGHTEST load the audio starts stuttering and crackling, which is absolutely unacceptable. I'll poke it for another hour or so and then go back to PulseAudio, because, srsly, one job.

To eliminate a hardware issue (it's a new device), I should probably try pulseaudio for a day to see if it also stutters.


Switching back to pulseaudio and after one day I did not hear a single stutter while listening to music and working, so I'd say this is indeed a pipewire issue.
I'm too exhausted from linux shenanigans to tackle this problem this month, especially since pipewire does not actually benefit in any way.

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Well, I am sad to hear, that you had this experience. Pipewire works flawlessly on my machine and I never want to go back to pulseaudio/jack/smth config hell and erratic behavior in audio device selection.
Hope that someday you will try again and will have a better one.

(I recommend using up-to-date or rolling distros, as newest pipewire patches fixed many issues for me)

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