Bonus: some in-progress pictures.
Fun fact, HPL is pretty tough to drill through, compared to wood.

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Creepy youtube ad 

What algorithmic clickbait nightmare is this? (also why did my ublock not catch that).

Thanks, creepy ad-laden quiz farm, I already know the answer to that question ;)

banking UI 

Hey, banks, if your login form goes from the first to second picture when I enable js, I am running away very, very fast.

Thanks to @bronsen and @hadez my floo^Wkitchentop is now lava (and deliciously so)!

Case in point (not insane, but wrong). The instancs of `localTimezone*` should be replaced with `eventTimezone*`, not with `userTimezone`. `userTimezone` actually exists, but `userTimezoneLabel` does not.

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Copilot sometimes does really useful stuff, it correctly auto-completed some repetitive stuff. Now, if it only would stop suggesting insane code and restrict itself to simple things.

Samsung apparently thinks "samsung" is a forbidden word to use in their account creation EMAIL FIELD. (yes, "" for example works)

Sexismus, Das Schwarze Auge 

DSA rühmt sich ja immer damit, voll progressiv zu sein, und in der Welt Geschlechtergleichberechtigung zu haben, aber dann liest man das Regelwerk, und dann sind da so Dinge wie:
"Zu den größten Herausforderungen innerhalb eines Abenteuers gehören die Kämpfe Mann gegen Mann (oder Monster)."

Auch wenn man im Regelbuch nach "Der Held " vs "Die Heldin" sucht, bekommt man folgendes Ergebnis (Evince gibt mir leider keinen Zahlen, aber es ist VIEL vs 6):

cable gore 

Motorized standing desks don't fuck around.

The Datenobservatorium might be gone, but our pride svg generator still exists, complete with fully customizable colors, ratios, wavy paths, transforms and masks! pride-gen.datenobservatorium.d

Pretty big "You were the chosen one!" mood right now tbh.

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A cis man, ex board member, just started shilling his "brand for equality" in a digital space for a FLINT teaching organization. "Provokingly " " SocialResponsibility is " "Come, get your on". Of course it's just a merch shop with some crap in it. I cannot even. 😒

Since cypress has some conceptual problems and playwright's API is rather low level and lacking assertions, I … kinda started writing my own browser e2e testing framework, based on playwright and folio. I'm so sorry, future me.

In an attempt to stop the spread of the Big Ball Of Random Cables I have enforced cable quarantine.

For anyone wondering, this is what "up to 225 MBit/s" of a o² HomeSpot LTE-WLAN-Router looks like.

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