There might be a slight obsession with a certain video game in this household.

Here's how the difference looks like. I now threw more absolute values at it and it's now much better, but there are still some tiny pixels off that you cannot get to with css, I only hope I can unsee that.

Was man nicht alles dafür tut, dass der Pleb nicht auf der Treppe sitzt. (An einer Flixbushaltestelle)

I am a huge fan of inline svg and using css on svg. Sadly, color functions are still missing from css BUT you can do a lot with hsl and var and calc. So I give you: Rotating a single hue value of a svg in the browser.

Using `toFixed(2)` in my `font-size` randomize code results in this, which is also even faster. Lessons learned, don't use too many different font sizes (nobody is going to see the difference between 0.54321em and 0.54322em anyways).

I just encountered the weirdest chrome performance issue. I have a page with a lot of absolutely positioned single char divs, and… the page takes 1s longer to render if I have a long `font-family` declaration. Is chrome evaluating the font stack for every text fragment separately? #4-5 are with `font-family: Roboto`. #2-3 with `font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Oxygen, Ubuntu, Cantarell, "Fira Sans", "Droid Sans", "Helvetica Neue", sans-serif`. I mean. What?

Test print of the stickers with new material are a success, they are easily written upon. I'll be printing more of these then!

Am 31. Oktober gibts in Stuttgart ein cooles Event für Kids: Wearable LEDs basteln mit alten Klamotten!

bought some screws (could not find them in physical stores), got some package material for free! Thanks, Conrad.

The new vue cli ui looks freaking amazing!
It also really lowers the barrier of entry, because you can click a lot of scaffolding together without needing to be a cli/package.json/webpack ninja. Ordered these from redbubble. That's horrible quality, even for digital print, grainy as hell. (Of course, no money refund via their site). A thirty year old inkjet in a wet basement can print better than that. While on fire. Operated by my grandma.

Enhance! The fairydusty mastodon now in crisp vector format! (Not for the mastodon image upload though, seems svg isn't an image).
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