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#CSS #Performance
content-visibility enables the user agent to skip an element's rendering work, including layout and painting, until it is needed (Chromium 85), this is an interesting boost for performance :o


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One episode in, I' am VERY here for Star Trek: Lower Decks.

For anyone wondering, this is what "up to 225 MBit/s" of a o² HomeSpot LTE-WLAN-Router looks like.

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If you meet a polycule for the first time, please be polite and keep your stereotypes to yourself. Nobody wants to get asked who is the top, the bottom, the up, the down, the charm or the strange in the relationship.

@rixx Outer WILDS! Outer WILDS! Outer WILDS!

@rixx Normal finde ich das auch nicht, wurde aber schon mehrfach ungefragt mit "Basti" beschenkt. Bisher ausschliesslich von den übergriffig-freundlichen Dudebro-Stereotypen.

Deine Faustregel klappt bei den meisten Menschen sogar, wenn ich "rash" in der Schlussfloskel anbiete.

@rixx The most infuriating thing is, they (Gigabyte) didn't even bother with a separate manual for the CPU socket. It's just "For Intel:"/"For AMD" and "Type A"/"Type B", so you're just staring at the pictograms and guessing. They did not even MENTION the CPU socket alignment corner triangle thingy! I just got out the manual of my (admittedly twice as expensive) Asus mainboard, and it has over 20 pages installation instruction with a boatton of text and illustrations, specific to the product.

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I was asked for a list of all my five-star books – it's a weird mix, but here you go: books.rixx.de/lists/five-stars

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@blinry The reason why I like semantic css could probably be satisfied with comments just as well, but html/pug comments in the style of "<!-- schedule !-->" feel a bit friction-y to me.
Additionaly, in my case, a lot of other problems tailwind and others solve well I have already solved with stylus (mixins, variables etc) and increasingly with new css features (custom properties are awesome for that "400 colors" problem). /end

@blinry In my context, I find semantic classes more readable (as in maintainable), because they preserve more meaning. With pug you can create divs with classes by starting a line with `.some-class`. It helps me understand dynamic templates in vue better by reading the start of each line and preserve more intent while writing.
After thinking about this a bit, I am probably treating css classes like variable names when it comes to understanding my own templates after a couple of months.

@blinry Thanks :)

A bit of context: I mostly code with vue, that means there is a lot ofadditional stuff going on in the hmtl/template. I also use pug as a html preprocessor and stylus for css. I also use vue single file components (where the markup, css and js are in one file), so the markup and relevant styles are always close together.
This is what I wrote today (just the template part):

@blinry Reading this got me thinking why my gut does not like tailwind, thanks :D
Are you interested in my perspective? (I don't want to impose)

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Microsoft is so insidious... they're worming their way into every major language community and are doing their absolute best to ingratiate themselves with the FOSS community while they continue to destroy computing for consumers

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I grouped the books on my book site into lists, so it's easier to find the good stuff: books.rixx.de/lists/

There are broad and boring lists like scifi and fantasy, and then there's the good stuff, like "Space Monks": books.rixx.de/lists/space-monk

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Complaining is good, actually: drmaciver.substack.com/p/you-s

David makes some really good points about complaining as a driver for building connections and community trust. Generally, his (weeky) newsletter is super good, and I can recommend reading it.

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I've accumulated a long-ish quotes.txt with interesting/relevant/funny quotes, mostly from books I've read. What would be a good way of sharing those? Daily posting twitter bot? A page on books.rixx.de? 🤔

@leah Das Wacom Cintiq 16 ist schon echt cool, vor allem mit dem Slim Pen. Hat im Vergleich zu meinem alten Intuos keine Rotations/Neigungserkennung, aber das habe ich eher wenig benutzt. Die fehlenden Hotkeys sind etwas nervig, da gibts eine Minitastatur, die allerdings lächerlich teuer ist. Nach Jahrzehnten kriegen es MS und Wacom auch nicht hin, dass der Treiber 100% stabil ist, das flaked bei mir ab und zu und vergisst Features.

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