Bonus: some in-progress pictures.
Fun fact, HPL is pretty tough to drill through, compared to wood.

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I am always suprised that a company as humongous as google does not have a "Show only nickname" option for profiles and all their products. Best I can get is "FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME (NICKNAME)". So now I have to set my nickname as my first name and nothing as my last name (which thankfully is supported). Until of course they need my real name again for some legal bullshit.

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If you are setting your torrent client to "English (GB)" you are technically not pirating.

You are privateering.

Creepy youtube ad 

What algorithmic clickbait nightmare is this? (also why did my ublock not catch that).

Thanks, creepy ad-laden quiz farm, I already know the answer to that question ;)

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diverser angemalter Mürbeteig. @rash hat dieses Jahr mit verschiedenen Geschmacksrichtungen experimentiert: Cranberry, Holunder, Apfel, Zitrone. Alles ziemlich awesome

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@julialuna The team I am working in at has a very self-organizing working mode, we work on whatever we want, whenever we want. We don't do time tracking or estimates. Our backend is almost completely python and we have some challenging technological problems.

Have a look at (work in progress and one of my projects which I am currently not working on because other things are more shiny) if you are interested and/or just ask me directly.

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hi fedi i would like* to once again participate in capitalism

* i have no choice

- live in germany
- strongly prefer remote
- (at least somewhat) flexible work hours are a must
- speak english and german natively
- would prefer working in a coop or a smaller company
- queer friendly is a big plus

i have a diverse skillset spanning from hardware design to low and high level software. more details in thread.


agatha is looking for a job: part 2 

@AgathaSorceress Our product team at is currently hiring. We are working fully remote with people from different countries. We all can choose our own hardware and OS (paid by the company) and are queer-friendly (our hiring process includes some things to make sure it stays that way). Can I send you a DM with details?

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agatha is looking for a job: part 2 

I need to find a job in the next few months to help paying rent
I'm currently living in southwest Germany but would prefer a remote programming job

Some things I should mention:
- I no longer have a desktop and currently can't afford one so for now I can't run windows
- I haven't changed my documents and my voice doesn't pass so I would prefer a queer-friendly place
- I'm not 18, but will be in 1 month

My resume is available here:

@ripper Als Vergleich musst du eigentlich gar nicht weit schauen bei Softwareentwickelden. Erinnere sie daran, wie sie ihre ersten Projekte für die Tonne programmiert haben. Dazu gibt es auch das berühmte "Learning Programming in Ten Years" .

@daniel_bohrer Der Nachteil an analogen Hardwareschaltern (jedenfalls vielen, die in Headsets verbaut sind): Deine Gegenübers werden das an/aus-Knacken nicht toll finden.

@pcopfer @leah Ich sehe total ein, dass das schlecht aussieht, wenn man im Urlaub ist wenn was brennt. Ich sehe aber auch, dass MinisterInnen quasi C-Level sind. Brauche ich den CTO, wenns im Datenzentrum brennt und die Admins das im Griff haben?
Das zB Laschet vor Ort war empfand ich als 100% Schau.
Für mich kann ich das reduzieren auf "alle erwarten, dass die Ministerin aktiv tuend aussieht, egal obs nützlich ist oder nicht".

@rami @sophie Ich würde auch sagen, überlegener speex-codex, und es versucht kein p2p gedongs.

@blinry I'm gearing up to do a couple of trips to the office each year, and that means clothes for up to a week + gym clothes and shoes, electronics (I like my huge headphones).
But, you just inspired me to organize storage spaces for regular visitors to stash some stuff in our offices :D

@blinry I'm pretty sure I can't fit all the things I want to take with me into my one smaller backback, but maybe in an additional small duffle bag.

I'll actually be traveling again soon and I'm looking for new luggage to haul a weeks worth of stuff through trains. In the past I used my large hiking backpack, but carrying around two backpacks (I'll have my small daily backpack for electronics and things with me) is pretty cumbersome.
Does anyone have any recommendations for me? (can be expensive if it means the wheels don't come off after the first trip)

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