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Well, vue is now off my list of frameworks I would recommend. My list of recommended frontend web frameworks is now:
- learn a musical instrument instead

(and no, this is not an endorsement of vanilla.js, except if you enjoy building your own ad-hoc frameworks)

To all library developers: You are not my parents, I do not need your libary to deactivate robustness in the dev build and completely explode the UI. Only in dev mode. Did I say this only happens in dev mode, and in prod mode the errors are actually isolated and the UI keeps working? Thanks, I can actually read the console. You do not need to build a HALT AND CATCH FIRE into your library.

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Nachdem Corona mir meine Pläne für dieses und die nächsten Jahre ganz schön verhagelt hat, bin ich auf der Suche nach einem neuen Job.

Hier die Details: Teilzeit (50% oder 75%), (Großraum) Bielefeld oder gerne auch komplett remote. Bereiche Projektmanagement, Mitarbeiter*innen Entwicklung, Beratungstätigkeiten, Diversity Management und alles was da so dazu gehört!


First time someone tries to (badly) completely steal my UI/product design. I guess I should be flattered?

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If you want to feel amazed and inadequate, just go watch this run of Celeste's C-side on … dance pad. Including golden berries. 👀

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Running git 2.28 or later? Take 10 seconds and enter the following into your terminal to set the default branch in new projects to main not master:

git config --global init.defaultBranch main

Actions matter more than words. So here’s a simple action you can take to show that you care.

A cis man, ex board member, just started shilling his "brand for equality" in a digital space for a FLINT teaching organization. "Provokingly " " SocialResponsibility is " "Come, get your on". Of course it's just a merch shop with some crap in it. I cannot even. 😒

Since cypress has some conceptual problems and playwright's API is rather low level and lacking assertions, I … kinda started writing my own browser e2e testing framework, based on playwright and folio. I'm so sorry, future me.

Apparently my dream-brain still hasn't caught up to "everyone should be wearing masks", so my dream-self is constantly getting mad at the dream-people not wearing masks, which my dream-brain of course totally ignores, because that's not in the script.

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Zum ersten Mal kann man sich bei uns auf etwas anderes bewerben als Entwicklung oder Vertrieb: Wir suchen zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine Systemadministrator:in. Darauf habt ihr alle nur gewartet? Hier lang: :)

covid ignorance 

Wenn man beim "This could have been an email"-All-Hands-On-Status-Meeting neun Leute auf der Meetingraum-im-Büro-Webcam sieht 😠

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I made this thing for definitely very serious and good reasons. (curlyboi is the logo of PyCon AU)


Wenn die Kassiererin mit Maske unten in ihre Armbeuge hustet und dann "Corona!" lacht.


Invisible separated world instances is certainly a … design choice when the goal should be enabling virtual encounters, both random and with friends.

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Wow, das „high contrast”-Theme in der -World hat einfach mal *schlechteren* Kontrast als das default-Theme (weiss auf Türkis statt weiss auf lila für Buttons z. B.)

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So @rash claims that you can recognise our Christmas movie only from this one picture.

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CozyConf rückt näher, und dank dem großartigen @rash haben wir auch ein ebenso großartiges Logo ❤️ :fairydust:

Wer noch mitmachen will: vom 27.-30. wird es einen informellen Ort zum Rumhängen, Quatschen, Videochatten geben. Wir haben langsam ein sehr lockeres Programm mit Workshops, Spielen, Streams-Gucken usw geplant, und ich freu mich sehr drauf.

Du willst dabei sein? Einfach DM an mich :)

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A message from our very favourite VOC: JavaScript and WebSocket guru needed

We need your help to liberate a piece of software! We'd like to use a cool bit of remote video production software, but it has one proprietary piece hidden inside the code that is otherwise AGPL, and it talks to a server that is hosted outside the EU. Can you help us replace the obfuscated JS code, and set up an equivalent server, so the software truly becomes free, and data stays where it belongs?

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