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Why do people insist on putting whole-ass websites into iframes? That's one of my biggest headaches with making venueless fully customizable. Customers will footgun themselves and their attendees by making the UX worse, because nobody stops and thinks that maybe that "login" button inside that iframe (which is not marked as external content, because it's intended for widget-thiniges) will absolutely only confuse users, because they have no idea that the concept of "iframe" even exists.

I got nerdsniped hard by @rixx and had to look up calendar localization in javascript.

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physical health, weight loss, positive 

I lost so much weight that I can now feel my butt bones (technical term) when sitting. Feels weird.

(It's totally fine to complain about problems with technology, but then the techbro brigade arrives and declares the whole technology inferior and throws insults around)

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Reading the replies to someone complaining about something Javascript-related ist s always a great way to expand my blocklist.

cable gore 

Motorized standing desks don't fuck around.

To be real, the *very much alpha* version of the test runner I based my first prototype on sadly changed their API, which I liked. So I then ended up writing my own runner. Sorry again, future me.

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Remember that time I wrote my own web testing assertion libary?
Well, I slipped and accidentally wrote a whole own test runner framework.

So, if you do end-to-end browser testing, or want to, and maybe would like something similar to cypress, but powered by playwright, I'd love some feedback!

(it's very much not finished)

factorio alternatives 

If you are looking for alternatives, Satisfactory is different, but also a nice factory builder. I haven't played Dyson Sphere Program yet, but after that I probably will very soon, I'll probably crave some base building after finishing Mass Effect.

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factorio, bigots, tone deaf dev, sexism 

"I'm not defending that women shouldn't be senior software engeneers, but if someone would defend that, it doesn't make him a bigot just because he proposes that and have some arguments, only if those arguments were debunked and the person wouldn't be willing to change his mind, then yes, it sounds like a bigot.[…]"

Well, that is me probably never playing factorio again.

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factorio, bigots, tone deaf dev 

Nevermind Uncle Bobs right wing bullshit, even his technical opinions are just… bad.
To be frank, I think Clean Code is absolute trash and should never be recommended to junior devs. Ever.

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factorio, bigots, tone deaf dev 

Comment mentioning Uncle Bob's political side here:
More on Uncle Bob here:
Watch the dev just continue digging himself deeper here:

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factorio, bigots, tone deaf dev 

Oh no.
The lead designer and co-founder of the game factorio has outed himself as an absolute techbro.
After writing some blogpost about some tech-stuff ( mentioning "Uncle Bob", known old white programmer man with political "opinions", and having been told about said bad opinions on reddit he responded with (allegedly) "Take the cancel culture mentaility and shove it up your ass." in a now deleted (by the mods) comment.

covidmaßnahmen, rant 

Kaum sinken hier in Brandenburg die Inzidenzen auf einstellig, werden natürlich sofort alle Maßnahmen abgerissen. Parties, Disco, große Privatfeiern? Kein Problem! Natürlich das meiste jetzt auch ohne Maske.
Ist der Plan, rechtzeitig zur Verbreitung der Delta-Variante den Inkubator anzuwerfen? Könnt ihr nach über nem fucking Jahr nicht einfach noch ein paar Wochen stillhalten? Natürlich nicht, lieber nochmal ein Jahr Pandemie riskieren…

At venueless we're taking another step to develop more in the open and are previewing features currently in development on github discussions, starting with a new moderation view, polls, and obs-able presentation views:

work, pressure 

I just counted, and I have at least seven unfinished features (80% done and usable behind a feature flag, but not polished to my standards) just rotting in the codebase. Meanwhile the bosses are chasing yet another large customer who dictates our feature roadmap. In principle we developers decide what gets done next, but we all know we'd rather start yet another new and exiting thing rather than cleaning up old stuff, especially if there is zero incentive to do so.

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Hey Mastodon, ich bin auf der Suche nach einem neuen Job als Site Reliability Enigneer o.ä. (Titel egal, Inhalt ist mir wichtig).

Ich baue und betreibe gerne automatisierte und skalierbare Infrastruktur, aktuell auf Basis von Kubernetes, das muss aber nicht der Hauptbestandteil sein.

Eine 32,5h-Woche (35h verhandelbar) und die Möglichkeit, komplett Remote arbeiten zu können, sind Voraussetzung.

Wenn ihr etwas spannendes kennt oder selbst dort arbeitet, freue ich mich über Hinweise.

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Do I know any freelancers experienced with plugin development for WordPress (including integration with Gutenberg Editor)?

Spent all day hunting down a browser bug and it seems like chrome just broke pasting special formats for A LOT of apps, but only on linux, so of course nobody noticed until it got released:

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