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was cold and rainy, but incredible fun and worth every minute 😀

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In my opinion, really comes alive at night, even though it's a little wet this evening. It does make the lasers sparkle, though!

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is ending. teardown. Remembrance of screws fallen in line of duty.

We are preparing our departure from the rotating tube habitat as it won't return to our solar system for 2 more years. (A.C.C:rama)

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niiice. DJ set uses shader showdown competition results coded yesterday as visuals today ☺😃

@realraum the extremely cool people at NOC promised us lot's of bandwidth at :-)

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camp++ cfp and ticket registration are open!
2022-06-30 till 2022-07-03 in Tata, Ungarn

Shader showdown in full colourful mathematical awesome progress at

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Until dome arrives in the night, let's practice with some elses 😁

And the thing is taking shape nicely, unless someone rippers it apart. 😁

It look's like you are building a dome! Would you like some help with that? 😅

A path well laid. A job well done. Your washed feet. Dry may they run. 😎 crew

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