Not-to-buy at the r3 fanshop, the Mobile Thermocycler xD
follows you around until your PCR has finished. who would need something like that?

tables are so cool, they have under . 😁 very convenient when looking for drops and pleasent when beamer is in use.

UV-C test chamber, 144 hours and all zipties successfully broken

This week realraum is place of an internship for a curious school girl. she gets insights in every related field of our makerspace, the biolab too.
I think she had lots of fun and knows now a little bit more about the work of scientists.

A clean lab is a happy lab :-)

thanks for all the people, who spend their time and energy to clean the community lab and the realraum in general.

Pipetting DIY Fluorescein with freshwomen, freshmen and show the cool glowing under an UV light.

Microbiology is colourful. A nice example is this Kocuria strain on TBX chromo agar, which made my day :-D

Fake ¬ greetings from <select><option>China</option><option>Kickl</option><option>Maas</option></select>

Experimente im TESLA mit . Funktioniert als Radar mit schon 10cm Reichweite 😁

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current WIPs in : helping the chemistry student union enhace their wheel of chemical luminescent fortune with UV light.

The people with the fungus project did quite well with their isolation and re-cultivation experiments.

interesting how funny fungi plates can look like :-D

Quick streak out with a quick growing bacteria, Vibrio natriegens :-)

Nice looking keychains in OLGA style, designed by our member Dichromate (thx4somuch) and made with our lasercutter at the r3.

get yours at the Open Lab Day every tuesday evening :-D

Guess who made this magical plates....? Guests of our last OPEN LAB DAY learned how to pour agar pates and did a really good job for their first try. We are looking forward to see you again and actually use these beauties.

Microscopy of a piece of moss. The beauty of nature always takes my breath away, if you take your time and have a closer look :-)

more microscopy pictures can you find here:

The poster of this year's STS-conference (science-technology-society studies) has found a new place at the r3 :)

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