Es ist angerichtet. Viel zu gut für ein . Nächstesmal brauchen wir anspruchsvollere Zutaten. 😋😈

Hackerkochen in . Resultat sogar mehr als eßbar! ;-) mit folg. Random Zutaten: Mais, Tomatensauce, Avacado, Reis, mit Chilli gefütterte Mehlwürmer, geriebene Karotten, Zwiebel, Cayenne-Kurbiskerne.

Brain, what will do this year at ? The same as every year, Pinky: Contribute with a flashy community booth! Visit us among the other cool booths for Hamradio, 0xFF and HomeAssistant!

Still lots of work to do in the OLGA. We want to find Bacteriophages, which are alternatives to antibiotic treatment during infections of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria.

MaSha got a new addtion today. Broken mill on permanent loan by Kilobaser. Fixed in . Planning to uprade it to CNC-mill soon. :-D

Got a "useful module" from Aliexpress. Let's see what it does... Shocking-ly loud!
First volunteer considers using it to motivate herself to finish her thesis in record time.

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When you 3D print something and then you can't get it off the PET printbed. No Force, no Heating, No Solvent, No Luck, nothing worked. Had to destroy the thing to free the printer. (well, had to repeat it anyway. also good opertunity to change the foil)

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Made a simple (solder) wire spool buttler. Actually for work, but if you can make one, make two and so one stays in

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Wohoo, komme heute in den und finde den geplanten Auslagen-Präsentations-Tisch fix fertig montiert da stehen und schon bestückt 😀 Awesome Work People!

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Nice. A small piece of first dried batch of komucha leather. Made with love at Wonder what people will hack with it.😋

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Got a new helping pet. Parked it in for those hack or do work at r3 days 😋

Trying to get more members to post on Mastodon and Twitter by having a Matrix room they can just write in :) Hacked so it can post pictures and other stuff for that. Testing starts now.

Found our vintage Power Macintosh 7300/200 that came with an old and now disassembled DNA Sequenzer.
Anybody up for doing something useful with it?

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Combined Solder/LabPowersupply Station in LoTHR is getting a Electronic-Load upgrade.

Currently testing too bad it doesn't do images yet. Will need some hacking....

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Am 13. Februar findet das nächste Koordinationstreffen in Graz statt. Diesmal wieder im , Brockmanngasse 15, ab 19 Uhr.

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Heute im aka Flüssigkeiten mittels genialem alten Network Analyzer vermessen, der sogar Smith Charts anzeigt.

Tschunk fuelled Saturday late night hacking: We remembered that the LED module drivers flickers at 100Hz and used it with an impromptu lasercut spinning cube for visual effects.

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Light into a solderers darkness. PeterP finally found a use for his Aliexpress 30W 230V LED. Early bugs invole a power cord that is integral to structural stability. 😁

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