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Unsere Regierung will Internet ! Das Parlament will dazu vorher (unsere) Expertenmeinungen hören. Klären wir sie auf warum das eine schlechte Idee ist. -Mail & Argumente. Treffpunkt ab 18:45 am S.O.S. im Ei10

Slime Mold - Physarum polycephalum

What a lovely look :-) In my opinion, one of the most comfortable lab organism for biohackers!

Every tuesday our biohacker events in the r3. Come and have a look into the community lab :-)

Just finished! Small Portable Laboratory Power Supply for wide range of input voltages and several different power in plugs including two types of USB plugs.

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Tweeting news as is now very easy. 😀 Just post a status <280 chars on with the right hashtag. will boost and tweet it.

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Got a tour of Adalm2000 capabilities at today. Pretty nice how you can basically completely and automatically test any IC with that one device now.

OLGA hat Verstärkung bekommen. Jetzt blubbert die Spirulina Kultur die nächsten Wochen in der r3 Auslage :-)

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Public #money, public code:

Please do support this initiative in order to make the most out of your tax money! 💰📈

#FOSS #OpenSource #taxes #politics

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Came to fix the witbox in which had a torm cable again. Tested it once more and weirdly suddenly everything worked fine. Decided to do a test print, so this will be one of the last pieces of for

Jeden Dienstag im r3: Veranstaltungen rund ums Biolabor, Biohacking und spannende Themen aus den Bereichen der Biowissenschaften :-D

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Die 🇦🇹 Bundesregierung will eine #Ausweispflicht im Internet einführen. Wieso das komplett inakzeptabel ist, einen Frontalangriff auf das Mitmach-Internet darstellt und den Opfern von Hass im Netz gar nichts bringt, lest ihr in unserer ersten Reaktion:

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t> Our ice maker is now finally working! It only takes 10 minutes until you get your first ice cubes.

Finally got around to try fixing our Tschunk-Ice maker. After debugging the sensor it turns out the problem is with the endstops due to a mechnical break in the scoop. Let's try some cyanacrylate..

t> Yet another social food experiment at Making pizza with rice flour, salad, styrian cheese, corn and chilli worms. 😋

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