Thanks to @joytelling , a creative artist who wants to make a webcomic about biohacking.

"This time it's Olga, a biohacker working in a lab in her free time! :) The comic featuring her as the main character is a cooperation project with the Open bioLab Graz Austria (OLGA)"

@realraum cool, where can I find more information on this?

@wmd @realraum this Project is very new, but there will be regular updates on OLGA's and Joy Tellings Instagram Site
Joy Telling:

@ruru4143 @realraum thanks, any idea if they'll also be posted on the fediverse?

@ruru4143 @realraum that would be cool, seems like I can't check out the instagram without making an account.

@wmd @realraum thats weird, I don't have a instagram account too, but i'm able to check it

@ruru4143 @realraum when I started scrolling down, it asked me for a login, couldn't click it away.

@wmd @realraum oh, yeah you're not able to watch the complete account without an instagram account.

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