Want to get in contact with the biohacker community in Graz? Visit us at our Open Lab Day, ask questions and if you like, get practical in our biolab :-D

Thanks to @joytelling , a creative artist who wants to make a webcomic about biohacking.

"This time it's Olga, a biohacker working in a lab in her free time! :) The comic featuring her as the main character is a cooperation project with the Open bioLab Graz Austria (OLGA)"

wir hätten ein Fixspannungsnetzteil abzugeben. Super stable. 2x 32A@5V, 5A@-5V, 2A@15V, 1A@-15V @machquadrat @devlol @metalab braucht ihr sowas?

After a very long night, feedcode's Bobbycar is now completely digitalized. The sensor values are measured directly with an ESP32 in the steering wheel.

realFunk-Bude ist heute voll besetzt. Grambach Relay Empfang 5/5 und läuft.

Someone accidentally invented a Sonce. Accidentally power on and see only once. Best of improvised backlight for microscope.

beause lox asked for it 😀. Our sensors page now displays a special status if the public frontdoor is closed and only the second flat in the back is unlocked.

Awesome chaos last Friday night in realraum: 3D printers new and old working hard, new LED display in the works , Bobby Car crafting, Kubernet cluster building, Plotter hacking, Firmware coding, Retro C64 disassembling and hardware sawing!

Our 2D plotter is finally working. A broken plastic gear had to be replaced by a 3D print.

Merry X-mas from the hackerspace to all biohackers and friends of r3 :-D

Not-to-buy at the r3 fanshop, the Mobile Thermocycler xD
follows you around until your PCR has finished. who would need something like that?

tables are so cool, they have under . 😁 very convenient when looking for drops and pleasent when beamer is in use.

UV-C test chamber, 144 hours and all zipties successfully broken

This week realraum is place of an internship for a curious school girl. she gets insights in every related field of our makerspace, the biolab too.
I think she had lots of fun and knows now a little bit more about the work of scientists.

A clean lab is a happy lab :-)

thanks for all the people, who spend their time and energy to clean the community lab and the realraum in general.

Pipetting DIY Fluorescein with freshwomen, freshmen and show the cool glowing under an UV light.

Microbiology is colourful. A nice example is this Kocuria strain on TBX chromo agar, which made my day :-D

Fake ¬ greetings from <select><option>China</option><option>Kickl</option><option>Maas</option></select>

Experimente im TESLA mit . Funktioniert als Radar mit schon 10cm Reichweite 😁

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