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Some curous people came to the OLGA wanted to synthesize Phenolphthalein by multible chemicale reactions. the typical pink colour in a basic solution is a proof for their success. well done! :-D

Wir haben jetzt auch einen Anhänger für das elektrische Bobby-Car

Got us some old HDDs advertised as broken for an art project.... Nothing more to say on the topic for now. Most as expected. 🙄😔😱

One of our biohacker isolated a fluorescent microorganism from a soil sample, which shines bright ("like a diamond") under UV light. What song could be referenced here? ;-)

The marvellous world of microbiology :-)

Here you see mixed bacteria from a kitchen sponge growing on an agar plate. The picture is made under UV light.

In the past our biohacker build up a strain collection with several microorganism, most of them are bacteria. Some of them are laboratory strains (f. e. E. coli K12) for molecular biology experiments and genetic engineering, other are undefined isolatets from the environment.

Slime molds need oxygen, moisture, a degradable food source, moderate temperature and like to avoid light. So we let it grow at room temperature in a darkened box, filled with agar-agar (only water) and offering oat flakes. :-D

Originally collected from the forests a Slime Mold grows quite well in that wooden environmet we created in a box. Slime molds are fascinating protozoa, not dangerous at all and every biohacker could handle it, so have fun :-D

Some crafty member used our window to describe realraum to passerbys.

One example of many self-made wood stuffs, a garden bed for tomato and other vegetables.

In the basement we organized a special room, where people are capable to bring wood craft ideas into practise. Sawing, slicing, grinding and many more are possible. So nice :-D

So great to have motivated people in the hackerspace :-D If a machine in the bioLab breaks down (here the printer of the autoclave) the hackers come to the rescue and try to fix it. and yes, it works again!

We love microorganism, can't deny it. Here you see 5 different bacteria, isolated from soil, growing (or not) selectively on MacConkey differential agar. For a better view I altered the picture a little bit, hashtag shiny colour :-P

When many people want to use equipment, eating and drinking together to have fun or doing experiments, it becomes a little messy. Luckily we have a responsibly community and some extra-supporting members to make sure that the makerspace can be used by everyone for a long time.

Remember the air-bubbeling Spirulina culture from last month? It looks so cool after 3 weeks growing :-D We will use that culture as inoculum for the next cultur with a bigger volumn (800 mL ).

Today the presentation of the european biohacker community and their experience with genome editing were held at the 18th Annual STS Conference Graz.

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