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Somebody wanted to investigate an interesting bacteria culture. Via ink dying method the capsule around the rod shaped cells is clearly visible as white extracellular protection thanks to the darker dyed backround.

A colourful foliose lichen on a tree in Graz. Inconspicuous, but omni present. Lichen can be found in every environment. They are important environmental marker for air quality.
Last year the OLGA people collected a lot of Lichen samples.

Watch the cooling oil evaporate while our junior member is milling what will later become several shaft holders for an E-BobbyCar or trains.

Harvesting a fresh batch of SCOBY biofilm, better known as "kombucha fungus". Lets cook it (killing left over microbes and hopefully get rid of the acidic smell), dry it and get an alternative product to leather for further purposes ;-)

finally managed to print a good case for fg's LC4 meter. Outer part had to be scaled by 1,02 for the BQ Witbox.

Another beautiful picture of Physarum polycephalum, the yellow slime mold. Forming a bride network during the search for nutrients.

The realraum makes ideas real! As an interdisciplinary project electricians, chemists, molecular- and microbiologists worked together to build a DIY fluorescence microscope. The prototype is far from complete, but we could observe fluorescence of microbes for the first time

DNA, the molecule of life and carrier of genetic information, can be found in every single cell. Our lab people from OLGA have an easy experiment for everybody, who is interested to see DNA. It is a classic of biohacking, DNA isolation out of fruits and vegetables.

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How i like our miniTESLA corner: clean, with a minimum of orderly.

Please keep it that way 👌😊

What a beautiful day to visit the realraum, the local and open hackerspace, makerspace and DIY bioLab in Graz :-)

You can find us at Brockmanngasse 15

We 3D printed the hand-powered centrifuges from the puplication Byagathvalli & Pomerantz et. al (2019). It comes a little bit unhandy to unload the samples, but the pelletation of a powder worked well after 5 min. If you need a quick spin and have no electricity, this is it ;-)

Für eine neue Zentrifuge benötigen wir die stärkste Schnur die wir finden können. Fazit: die blaue hält am besten

The right working bench at the OLGA. Most of our chemicals are standing there and the usual equipment like pipettes, bunsenburner and 70% ethanol are placed here. This is the place where our biohacker experiment with geneticly modified organism (GMO) at biosafety level 1.

Welcome to realraum, the open hacker-, makerspce and DIY bioLab in Graz, Austria :-D

Come in and make your projects real. If you need help, ask our friendly members for advice. Look at this pretty face ;-)

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