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Guess who made this magical plates....? Guests of our last OPEN LAB DAY learned how to pour agar pates and did a really good job for their first try. We are looking forward to see you again and actually use these beauties.

Microscopy of a piece of moss. The beauty of nature always takes my breath away, if you take your time and have a closer look :-)

more microscopy pictures can you find here:

The poster of this year's STS-conference (science-technology-society studies) has found a new place at the r3 :)

Impressions of our Open Lab Day yesterday. People had fun to train their pipetting skills. Others, who never set foot in a lab before learned the basics of pipetting, how to use it and tryed their first dilution series.

I think they did fine with our fluorescent reagent ;-)

wir öffnen erneut jeden Dienstag Abend die Labor-/Türen zum Open bioLab Graz Austria, der Biohackspace und DIY-Bio Lab von Wissenschafts-interessierte für Wissenschafts-interessierte :-)

kommt vorbei wenn ihr schon immer mal ein Bio-Labor von innen sehen wolltet ;-)

The makerspace "realraum - Verein für Technik in Kultur und Gesellschaft" welcomes the new students of Graz :-D

Controlling the temperatur for cultivation of microorganism is a necessary task in every biolab. Therefore incubtors are great.
We have more then one for cultivation of bacteria at different temperatures simultaneously. Also it avoids unintendend interfering of several projects.

Beaty of nature. We found a red colony as a contaminant. Growing not at 37°C, just at room temperature and even in the 4°C fridge makes it a psychrophil organism.
Anyway, this colourful extremist will be used as the "red paint" for coming agar arts.

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I created a timelapse of the Chaos Communication Camp 2019 campsite.

Thanks to for providing me with the soundtrack and to for building the World'o'Techno robot that produced the music :)

#CCCamp19 #CCCamp2019


smelling Waffels at night... Tzmp tzmp tzmp 04:10 at random assembly of people with good noses 😁

Here we have a colourful bacteria isolate. Thanks to AGES Graz we know via MALDI-TOF that it is a Kocuria ( BSL 1) strain, but the analysis give us two results, two different Kocuria strains. Luckily a paper tells us that we can distinguish between them via growth temperatur.

RetroCorner in dome is chirping chiptunes and even has a bulb 💡 for Illumination.

The SCOBY got the interest of many others, not only the biohackers. We started with the idea of a alternative leather product, now there is a lot of material research going on with that.

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