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Some very awesome members used the downtime to grind and treat our trusty Hacking Lounge tables. Looks like new. 😀 Still needs to dry a bit.

Hurray the table is free, it's free! 2yrs ago we wrote a note to plz keep the table free and we just found it again. That're hackerspaces for you. Empty space, just evaporates... :->

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What did the Virusscanner learn from all these example exploits? is evil! ;-) If this string is included, it must be an exploit. Not wrong but also not helpful. :-)

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Danke an alle, die gestern am waren. Und hier die große Neuigkeit: - we put more space in ! 123m^2

++ insta-built DJ table is undergoing final testing in . This is not a party, just normal everyday hacking but with our very own live DJ. ;-)

Burn baby burn! ++ revitilizes Hacker program 😋😎

(photos posted with permission of ppl in it, as always)

Behold our fancy almost finished cellar fan controller. The idea is to ventilate the wood working cellar if dewpoint inside falls below outside.

Am blog tut sich leider wenig. Vermutlich deswegen kommen Anfragen ob wir Werbeartikel ungekennzeichet, in unserem Namen, für Geld posten wollen.
Wollen wir nicht! Außerdem ist das verboten! Das Angebot, eine Aufforderung zum Gesetzesbruch.

our trusty old TAZ4 ist now more "energetic" ;) So says the product name of the new flexible magnetic build plate. Leveling also got much easier. First print is looking fine so far.

Kürzlich haben liebe Mitglieder unserer lieben ein bisschen Zuwendung spendiert. Das gefräste Test-Stück sagt, es hat sich ausgezahlt ❤

OE6XRX now runs an Node. Search for realraum on EchoLink. Hear you on the air!

Agarose Gelelectrophoresis and Plasmid Controlle

Basics of genetic engineering, always check your plasmids before you want to transform your competent cells ;-)

at the realraum, the open hackerspace of Graz (currently closed :'( ) creates an environment for hackers, tinkers, engineers, geeks, programmers, ccc community and many more :-D

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