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Let us create a map of solidarity and creativity together and worldwide.
We tinkered a tool and a new (!) page

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Now you!

🎁 Was lange währt wird endlich gut.
🐝 Darf es vielleicht etwas mehr sein?
🎉 Es ist soweit, es ist soweit!

Perspektivisch sind bis zu 100gb pro Account drin, wir starten mit der Möglichkeit den Speicher auf 20gb zu verdoppeln. Los geht's!


On Friday I will discuss the role of digital services in Europe and the upcoming Digital Services Act at online event hosted by Register here and follow the debate:

🇩🇪 Danke für euren Input zu meiner geplanten Anfrage an die EU-Kommission, warum sie bei ihrer Kommunikation das ignoriert und damit Monopole verfestigt. Hier der aktuelle Entwurf und die Möglichkeit mitzuarbeiten:
🇬🇧 Thank you for your feedback regarding my draft question to the EU Commission on why it ignores the in its public communications and thus supports tech monopolies. Current draft:

Esteemed Audience of
ActivityPub Conf 2020,

yay and hooray -
you can now replay the conf !

We published all Live Q&As, Session Notes, Lightning Talks.

Don't want to click away?
No worries, will write replies soon !

We would like to hear from you what we can make better and what formats, codes and codices the #activitypub world needs.
Is it a special kind of hackathon, a game, adventcalendar, Purim event, Zakat or 100 days, paintings?

We will be uploading the recordings of the live sessions from #apconf2020 to the instance soon, but in the meantime, you can stream them from Big Blue Button from the same link you used to join the video conference. See thread below for links!

Uff, that was a lot of notes and links – updated

We will post the recordings of Q&A Sessions and Lightning Talks soon.

"Now they are lazy", you might think. But no !!! (!).
The 1 week #ActivityPub #Hackathon starts in some minutes …

See also

Citizens of the Fediverse,

we had a wonderful first day of
**ActivityPub Conference 2020**

Why not joining us today for the 14 Question & Answer sessions ?

We begin in T -1 hour with "Come Together Right Now" …

See the schedule

and all Talks

And tomorrow we have these Birds of Feather sessions before Lightning Talks and Hackathon …

#apconf2020 #activitypub #apconf #meeting #conference #fediverse

"Come Together Right Now"

@sl007 I'm so laughing out loud watching your talk, it's excellent. I wonder how you can keep your face straight.

#APConf2020 #activitypub

It's amazing how much work you put into this. I'm very very grateful.


# ⬡ #ActivityPub Conference 2020 is already TOMORROW.
That means, a fantastic evening entertainment awaits you.

We should watch all the Talks and Keynotes before the Q&A sessions.
So, why not start now, the revolution is televised via peertube.

See all videos here:
I will post Keynotes, Talks and Fun in the following minutes. With links for remote Q&A participation.

#apconf2020 attendees will also get the next mail soon.

Hey everybody,

really inviting you to watch the Talks and Keynotes (and Song) for
* ActivityPub Conference 2020 *

26 speakers @apconf

because the live portion with Q&A sessions, Birds of feather sessions, Lightning Talks, Hackathon starts in 2 days !!!

#apconf2020 #activitypub #fediverse #apconf

I love that @sl007 starts out his talk flipping through a photojournalism book, highlighting the transition of the medium from print to digital and how redaktor fits into that timeline. #apconf2020

Just submitted my talk for #apconf. 28 minutes of animation, who needs PowerPoint! 😅

My talk is on #decentralized #socialmedia vs the trolls, like #Gab. Come see how we froze Gab out of the #fediverse at

You asked about 🍿?
Attendees of the live portion, please propose your Birds of feather session in the forum.
What would YOU like to debate at the party?

If you want to make yourself familiar with the software, we use for meeting, this page has some
quick videos:

#fediverse #apconf #activitypub #conference
#federated #distributed #social #network

Esteemed audience,

in 5 days we will begin to publish all the Talks and Keynotes!

But why wait and forget?
You can follow
@apconf videos and @apconf photos
right now.

#apconf2020 #apconf #activitypub

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