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Sowas bekommt man in Mitteleuropa normalerweise nicht zu sehen.

Ich plane einen kleinen Blogeintrag zu meiner Erfahrung mit dem Aufsetzen eines endpoints auf meinem Laptop.
Aber dafür muss er erst mal fertig rechnen :)

Nice project.
Making the gender gap visible with statistics using (pretty) hard open data from Wikidata:

Although interesting how it changed in the last decades.
Also the distribution in several professional fields ...

Ok, my try:
Like the Playstore, but with a non-commercial, open spirit and much fewer - although high quality - apps.

(It's hard to not mix the App and the repository)

I would like to recommend an activity pub instance to film makers in Vienna.
Any suggestions?

How would you describe F-Droid to a "normal" Google-Android user in just one sentence?

/cc @fdroidorg

Black mirror S04E01 ...
Moment of escalation

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@nickfarr I would say, being able to see a "my" home timeline. Making posts for double points. After that it's small wins :-)

*Installing wikidata api endpoint*

Total time: 13:37

Mic drop.

Zur Erinnerung: Telegram unterstützt zwar E2E Verschlüsselung, diese wird aber nicht standardmäßig verwendet. Viele Freunde von mir vertrauen auf Telegram. Das Unternehmen hat haufenweise Chatlogs inkl. Medien und einen riesigen sozialen Graph.

Vllt ein guter Zeitpunkt zumindest mal die Chatlogs auszumisten?
... Oder gleich auf Signal, Matrix, XMPP oder waa-auch-immer umzustellen?

LineageOS April fool 2019 Show more

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Dear procrastinators!

🚨 Turn off all notifications
🥅 Define a realistic goal in a reasonable time frame
⏰ Set a timer
💼 Get your work done
🏅 Reward yourself after reaching your goal

🔁 Repeat.

🍀 Good luck!

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1.) My new cozy filter bubble is talking about
2.) Let's install and try to customize it.
3.) Getting confused about this whole elixir system
4.) Have a look into elixir. Abort after 2min.
5.) Catching myself doing an Erlang tutorial.

This fediverse filterbubble got me to look into functional programming.