How would you describe F-Droid to a "normal" Google-Android user in just one sentence?

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Ok, my try:
Like the Playstore, but with a non-commercial, open spirit and much fewer - although high quality - apps.

(It's hard to not mix the App and the repository)

@redplanet My take: An Android app store containing only #foss software with clearly labeled advertising and trackers you can just use out of the box without any account.

@fdroidorg I never really realized the "You don't need any account"-Thing.
But in times of walled gardens, it's a good argument.

@redplanet @fdroidorg I think I'd explain a bit what foss is or why it's good.


I'd like to phrase it:

An open source app store, that respects your privacy, freedom and rights and informs you whether an application might breach these three values.


I like how you turned it - and maybe I would go further and not even mention "open source".

I really think these keywords are likely to frightened "normal" GApp users. They are quickly understood as "techies skills needed to use it".

(Obviously, this has to be mentioned in further explaination on how it respects privacy better than others)


@redplanet @fdroidorg To a normie, that would be like "you install it and get a whole lot of awesome stuff up for grabs, for free if you want."



Alternative store for those loving free, open and non tracking apps.

@redplanet @fdroidorg Yeah, I was not sure if you would have any in Vienna. Basically, it sells fair trade goods in small shop, run mostly by volunteers.

@redplanet @fdroidorg Like the Play Store but to access other applications? (the user will not install it for what it is, but for what he/she can access through it...)

@thomas @fdroidorg @redplanet

yeah, I'd go with "like the Google app store, only made by someone else"

any further articulation should possibly follow

@catonano @redplanet @fdroidorg Well, to the basic user, the "ethical"/ownership part isn't of importance, that's just something he/she will realize along the way (or not).

It's really about the apps you can find on this alternative store and that you cannot find on the Play Store (or if ads are added on the Play Store version, etc), since that reflects why using apps such as F-Droid is important.

@thomas @fdroidorg @catonano

You mean, for example, that Osmand and DAVDroid are free on f-droid? :D

@redplanet @catonano @fdroidorg

OsmAnd seems to be free on the Play Store ^^

But yeah, DAVdroid isn't (3.99€ here). So that's an argument that's more likely to be heard than the "ethical" argument :blobtongue:

@thomas @fdroidorg @catonano

Yes, but OsmAnd has normally in-app-purchases (osm+ .. not sure what you normally have to buy).
the f-droid version comes just with all these features, i guess.

Well, i donate to FOSS Projects and i guess that others do the same. @Liberapay has great potential when it comes to alternative financing concepts.

F-Droid is a much nicer Store for android, just containing free + ad-free apps that respect your privacy

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