Just because a platform does provide FOSS apps, it doesn't mean that they have to publish everything ...


Im @metalab wird es demnächst regelmäßige womans*only days geben!

Du hast Interesse etwas dazu zu organisieren oder einfach teilzunehmen? Du hast Fragen?

Melde dich einfach bei mir oder bei der Metalab Anlaufstelle!

Yeah, I put it there before anyone takes the space for storing crap ;)

But where should we store these huge Displays?

"Wir brauchen eine Kampagne damit uns unsere Kunden dsgvo-konform all ihre Daten geben!"

turns out: using the sensor with 3.3V solves all the issues.

Still: They sell the sensor as 3.3V - 5V compatible.

Playing around with a gas sensor (mics-6814) ... Connected via ADC (ads1015) to a RPi Zero. Operated at a current of 5V.
Is it normal that the sensor is getting pretty warm and also smells a bit?

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The next takes place in exactly one week on 31st May 2019.

Mathijs van Oosterhoudt will present the Focal Camera, an open-source modular camera prototyping system and the history of the commercial camera.

The second speaker, Lídia Pereira will talk about Object-Oriented Subject, a project which investigates
the strategies of Facebook’s data processing factory.

As usual, the main talks are followed by lightning talks and a Come-Together.


(Freie) Tools für communities!
bei der Radical Server Unit Vienna #17
Donnerstag, 23.05.2019 im @metalab in Wien
Everyone is welcome :)

Just if anyone runs into the same problem:

suddenly says: "CSRF Check Failed" when trying to login.

The problem was: No disk space left :)

Evelyn Regner ist anscheinend schon längst gegen Uploadfilter :)

I called my representatives and asked them to pledge to reject and . If I can do it, so can you! Let's make a difference together.

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Sry ich kann auch nicht weiterhelfen.
Vielleicht bei LQDN oder EDRi nachfragen
@therojam @strangeglyph @necrosis

Yep. just tried to console.log some vue object ... which has functions that return somehow also themselves.

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