You remember the vpn provider financially supporting the neonazi social network , don't you? Their defense was "free speech" yaddayadda... I've been bugging them on twitter for a while now and guess what. They blocked me for critizicing them publicly. So much for free speech. Don't buy from PIA!

@reinhard_codes I also told them about gab. I won't be renewing with them, since is already payed and I won't be getting my money back :(

@reinhard_codes the Venn diagram of VPNs that aren’t backed by state actors, work well and aren’t shady is pretty small. Who do you recommend?

@sconlan That's a question I am not prepared to answer... depends on your threat model, I'd say...

@reinhard_codes "who's to decide who we give our money to? Not us, that's for sure. If there is a Nazi, freedom of speech demands we give them our money."

@reinhard_codes it's like they know their argument is bullshit and they're not even trying

@reinhard_codes might be interesting to know that the "Librem Tunnel" service from Purism is actually just PIA.

@alva That's fitting. Librem Social is also a free speech zone... Huge red flag.

@reinhard_codes @alva Because that's where we are today: Any place where #freespeech is still allowed to exist is seen as a red flag. Anyone who grew up on the free internet as I did should be disgusted and horrified at what our generation had and then lost.

@reinhard_codes yeah I bailed. As luck would have it, between algo, Cloudflare Warp, and a free vpn though my usenet news provider, I've no use for PIA anymore.

@reinhard_codes Oh cool: We're still at the stage where we call #tech platforms "Neonazi services" because we can't accept a platform not censoring its users to appease the far left's fear of the far right.

Amazing how we went from "support a free #internet at all costs" to "we expect #censorship to be mandatory when we're afraid" in just a few years.

@reinhard_codes Needless to say I'll probably be called a #Nazi myself just for saying this. No point in even explaining that I'm against #hate #hatespeech and such people, since even then I'm ignored and called such.

I only partly support #Gab due to their campaigning for a free #internet (politics aside) as well as plans to create an improved #Mastodon fork which might benefit everyone. Same as #Librem / #Purism which are probably going to be labeled #Nazis as well eventually.

@reinhard_codes Gab is not a "neo nazi" network, they probably blocked you because people who think freedom of expression is important is a "neo nazi" value are a waste of time.

It's why people block flat earthers, nobody cares to hear autism.

@reinhard_codes fucking hell you actually wrote this email? my god, my stomach has never turned from cringe so hard in my life.

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