Eres trabajador en una residencia de ancianos y no te quieres vacunar.

TÚ LO QUE ERES ES UN HIJO DE PUTA, así, sin paliativos.

Also learned about the ‘Charpentiers Sans Frontières’ association. A global community of carpenters that use traditional and medieval methods. Members will go anywhere in the world where historic sites need retrofitting, or to put on historic demonstrations, and so on.


I would love to attend one of their events and just spend a week watching and learning.

#carpentry #woodworking #handtools #traditional

Yesterday I finished my small bench for my jointer/planner. Sturdier and heavier than I was expecting!

Someone fixed the xkcd "Types of Scientific Paper" meme.

Also I had time to finish my moving dolly .. hopefully it will make easier to move my small bench ...

Busy day on my workshop. Practicing some half lap joints (they didn't fit perfectly!) and building a smaller bench to support my planner/jointer. I still need to glue the legs, but it was sturdy enough for a photo 🙂

Empresa: Quero que todas as palavras das buscas, que forem seguidas por "comprar" seja da nossa empresa.

Marketing: Isso pode dar ruim.

Empresa: Impossível! Vamos alavancar as vendas!

(as imagens buscas podem conter gatilho)


tryna get some hydro stuff going again, hopefully the bubbler helps them root faster

Tool wall getting more complete now! Next step is to add one more clamp rack a place for my chisels ...

Practicing to do an open slot mortise using this nice and simple alternative to a vise:
Joint didn't ended well 😅 But at least I did it in a test piece (not in my final project)

Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

PeerTube v3.1 is out!
Better transcoding features, more pleasant interfaces, possibility to easily subscribe to a remote account and... so many great features!


"Police are warning students and universities not to access Sci-Hub, an "illegal website" that allows users to download scientific research papers normally locked behind expensive subscriptions."

Very bad indeed. That name again: Sci-Hub. Remember it so you can avoid it. Ahem.

#gitea was hosted on Github, but had a clear plan on what milestones had to be passed for them to start self-hosting. Now they're migrating to . Gitea is a productive environment in which to host your project. With @codeberg you even get #codeberg Pages.

Github was proprietary from the beginning, but after Microsoft's acquisition it has moved deeper into the Extend phase with Github CLI. They're aiming for the entire open source infrastructure to orbit around them. Don't help them move the free software and open source world in this direction. You don't actually need Github. They need you.
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at least you didn't block the suez canal today, right?

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