Still from Front 242's "Headhunter" video. Iconic soundtrack for some excursions...

TIL that Marianne Schäfer-Trench, the director of that legendary 1990 documentary (, is actually German and has produced, directed and written 17 documentary features for between 2000 and 2019. Here is a list:

Mind blown 🤯

3.13.1 has been released.

Please upgrade your sticks as soon as possible 🙂

Richard Stallman: "Install fests: What to do about the deal with the devil"

Interesting article for everyone running Cryptoparties or workshops. I'm surprised that he is willing to accept a compromise, style. I also like the idea of making non-free components a visual thing, however I'd prefer a poster explaining the situation instead of having the "devil" present 😊

Also important to note that this only works for laptops, so phone people might be disappointed.

@resist__berlin An agricultural version of this idea:

But the same applies to a lot of other technology. Over engineered. Costs outweigh benefits. High maintenance. Ignoring user needs. Designed to make some guy rich but not much else.

I'm absolutely not opposed to using modern technology, as long as it supports us humans and entertains us in fair ways. This is however not the current state of the world we live in.

I would be interested in working on a lean tech society. Where we only use those elements that do us good, and ignore the rest. Where we strengthen our humanity and become aware of our weaknesses.

We need offline time, we need devices and a net under our control, and we have to make this a new trend


Many-to-many platforms amass a huge amount of personal data, that are apparently impossible to keep secure. Even worse, they allow the manipulation of hundreds of millions of people. The human brain is not made for this mode of communication. It cops out, ignores the consequences and indulges in feeding the world's most powerful AIs, while at the same time forfeiting virtually all control over personal data.

Most of the current struggles are fought from within the system .


Controversial opinion: these days I'm coming more and more to the conclusion that Web 2.0 has failed. It is a huge trashfire.

Conceptually speaking, the "old web" was providing mostly one-to-many and many-to-one connections. One-to-many: static websites, newsletters, media downloads. Many-to-one: mailboxes, comments, feedback, services.

Web 2.0 introduced ubiquitous one-to-one, which made people addictive. Even worse are many-to-many connections - social media.


Installing on hyped phones can at times be quite challenging. There is too much development going on, new versions of TWRP and LOS 16.0 are being released all the time and they don't interoperate that well.

Here's what I had to do to flash a new OnePlus 5T:

- unlock bootloader (easy)
- install older TWRP (easy)
- find & install new firmware (difficult)
- install current TWRP (easy)
- find and install "treblizer" (difficult)
- install current LineageOS 16.0 (easy)

took me a while 🙃

What is the general opinion regarding p≡p (pretty Easy privacy) among the cryptographically inclined?

After years of helping people set up Enigmail - the classic way, first creating keys, then exchanging, then verifying them - I'm still surprised how simple it all can be if you just build another GUI/workflow around it.

Of course p≡p oversimplifies certain things that are desirable in a professional setting, but I have to admit it - it's very beginner-friendly and I'm starting to like it 🤫

Happy 66th birthday, Richard Stallman!

If you are interested in his life, you should read his biography "Free as in Freedom":

The 2.0 version is available here (GNU FDL):

It's a very interesting read about his back story and his struggles early in life, and why he is sometimes acting weirdly. He was not happy with the first edition of the book, so version 2.0 has comments and corrections added by rms himself. True hacker style.

March 2019 BADNews features updates from the UK (Dissident Island), anarchist women from Turkey on struggles there (Crna Luknja), housing struggles in Germany (A-Radio Berlin) and updates from Mytilene (105fm).

Heute mal wieder ganz aktuell...

(aus: Max Goldt - Der Krapfen auf dem Sims, Alexander Fest Verlag, Berlin 2001) seems to have frequent problems lately fetching search results from : "unexpected crash: CAPTCHA required".

Maybe it became too big and Google is now blocking them for too many requests.

What is the appropriate answer? Just switching to another Searx instance, or looking out for one that does not rely on Google's results that much? 🤔

Telegram gained three million new users during Facebook outage

Yay, people jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. :thisisfine:

Free Software Street (Catalan: Carrer del Programari Lliure) is a street in the town of Berga in Catalonia, Spain. It is the first street in the world dedicated to the free software movement. It was officially opened on 3 July 2010.

The overall phone situation is again very disenchanting.

is direly in need of their next release, which will include many months of security updates and some bug fixes. If you want a more up-to-date Replicant right now, there are nightly builds, but they are only sometimes stable.

currently has no maintainers for the Galaxy S3 and S4, which is really unfortunate. They are great phones. LineageOS seems to focus a lot on new premium phones lately, and I'm not interested. 😐

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