is currently really split into two camps, namely and . Many popular messengers support either the one or the other.

This is really unfortunate, because both have strong upsides. OTRv4 is really interesting and I would like to try it out in parallel to OMEMO, but I don't want to install an additional messenger for it. OMEMO however is the way to go for the majority of people who rely on their phones for mobile communication, and it is very convenient.

No idea what to do 🙁

@resist__berlin Gajim on computers supports both. Conversations on Android also supports both, iirc :)


Unfortunately not, that's the point... The latest version of Gajim (the one that will be included in Debian Buster) drops OTR, same with Conversations 2.x. There is a strong push towars OMEMO, which is okay, but projects are dropping OTR completely, which is unnecessary imho.

Conversations Legacy still supports OTR, but I would like to have a desktop client that supports both and that isn't Pidgin 😔

@resist__berlin Oh, I haven’t been around for a while I see! but isn’t OTR deprecated? Like only enabling 1:1 device encryption whereas OMEMO supports multiple keys encryption? Isn’t it good we dropped it to pick just one strong protocol?

@Bobo_PK I guess I should give Pidgin another (experimental) try, although I really don't want to... 🙃


@resist__berlin That would be a relevant issue if the XMPP ecosystem was not fragmented and if non-nerd people were actually able to use XMPP in real everyday-life ... But for now it looks like there's no user-friendly client for Windows and it's still not 100% straightforward for other platform ... Imho that should be the priority for the XMPP community :|


Gajim on Windows is really nice tbh, I can only recommend it. Afaik it's identical to the GNU/Linux version. But they dropped OTR-support gratuitously, which is so frustrating.

@resist__berlin Ah yes indeed, thanks for mentionning it, the screenshot looks ... acceptable ;P

I wish there was a more "fresh" / morden UI looking more like for example ...


I guess that has more to do with the desktop environment than with the messenger itself. For example, my Gajim (on Debian Buster, Mate, Bluebird theme) looks much better than the screenshots from Windows.

Almost looks like dino, which supposedly is fine as well, but not available for Windows... 😕

@resist__berlin OTR has never been a part or XMPP, it has been used and documented that's it. OMEMO is, but the current version has flaws. OTR (<4, haven't followed v4 changes) doesn't support multi devices or group chat.

OTR support is dropped in many clients because this is work to maintain and it has major issues.

Note that we currently support both in Salut à Toi (I'm main dev).

@resist__berlin Is there a XMPP client with OTRv4?

I only know ones with old OTR and using the new one would mean significant changes.
So I do not see the split. There are old clients (OTR at best, no new XEPs) and there are new current ones with OMEMO, MAM, etc.

For example pidigin would have OMEMO with "lurch", but without MAM (still an open bug) it is not multi-device friendly.

I do not think OTR vs. OMEMO is the real issue. Choose a client with OMEMO. And make sure it supports MAM.

@resist__berlin @resist__berlin For mobile clients you may want to have CSI and possibly Push.

Message formatting using the markdown dialect instead of xHTML is nice to have as well. I see more problems in not using such XEPs for the old clients taht do not have fast development anymore.

And there should be a nice (mobile) client implementing Jingle. All fancy new crypto messengers have VoIP, but there are few Jabber clients with VoIP.

@allo @resist__berlin
> Is there a XMPP client with OTRv4? ... by the same team that created OTRv4.

> I do not think OTR vs. OMEMO is the real issue.

Yep. As anyone that follows XMPP can attest there is no OTR in modern XMPP, OMEMO on the other hand thrives.

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