Telegram gained three million new users during Facebook outage

Yay, people jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. :thisisfine:

@resist__berlin can you link a more detailed review of telegram?

@resist__berlin I have been unsure about Telegram as it is a private service, however safe, independent and secure they claim to be.

Can you list some elements worth knowing in favor / against Telegram and its actual privacy?

@loupbrun @Kurt

- Telegram is usually non-free software. The FDroid version is free, but always a bit older, because they release the source code with a delay
- Telegram's server code is non-free and it uses homebrew cryptography
- Chats are not end-2-end encrypted by default, group chats are never end-2-end encrypted
- Telegram is running on centralised infrastructure that is easy to block or wiretap
- Authorities have been able to "hack" themselves into group chats at least since 2016


Thank you @resist__berlin !

This confirma my preference for Keybase (PGP made easy) or Signal.

Do you have further recommendations regarding chat services?


Signal is an okay choice if you don't mind giving away your phone number.

Personally, I prefer XMPP+OMEMO. It works on many platforms and with many clients and you can freely choose your server.

From what I've heard, Wire is also okay, same with Jami (formerly GNU Ring), and there is also Matrix and Briar. Esp. the latter is not sufficiently mature yet, the battery consumption is very high.

If you prefer the e-mail protocol, have a look at DeltaChat.

@loupbrun @resist__berlin chat service recommendation is not easy. One major factor is user base. That's why I'm still using WhatsApp *shame*

@resist__berlin @loupbrun yes and no. Group chats in telegram often have 1000+ participants. They are public anyway. Russia tried to block telegram and had no success.

Thanks for response.

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