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Einladung zum Sommerfest – für ein neues Soziales Zentrum in Neukölln!

Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen zu unserem Sommerfest am 05. August! Das Programm ist offen und jede*r kann sich auch spontan einbringen.

Sonntag, den 05.08.18 – 14 bis 22 Uhr | Manege | Rütlistraße 1-3

Mehr Infos unter sozialeszentrumneukoelln.noblo

Kommt vorbei! :yayblob:

"The Conet Project - Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations"

A veritable classic for fans of shortwave radio, spying and sampling/sound collages.

Also check out the accompanying PDF booklet for lots of interesting background information 🕵️

Reading Twitter makes you lose a million braincells per second. It's an actual health risk, folks. 🤕

Der Berlin Community Tunnel ( VPN) hat momentan arge Probleme. Sehr hoher Ping, sehr langsam, gestern Abend war er gar nicht erreichbar.

Weiß jemand näheres?

Replicant &
F-Droid &
Conversations &

Welcome @doctorow to the fediverse!

Hope you can actually talk to us from time to time and not just cross post. As a writer trying to be ahead of the pack, this here should be right down your alley.


PSA: there is SuperTuxKart on now. And although it says "development build", it's working really well already. Even the controls are fairly intuitive.

It really takes free (as in freedom) phone games to the next level - you should give it a try! :awesome:

No gods.

No masters.

No standing on the left side of the escalator. Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

PSA: I now have with internal WiFi working on the Galaxy S2, S3 and Note 2. This is not rocket surgery - you just have to run a bunch of scripts, works super well. I just never tried it before.

Under these circumstances I have to update my recommendations. If you can source compatible devices, please try out Replicant with internal WiFi (and F-Droid apps and perhaps no SIM card). This might be the best compromise for mobile devices right now. 👍

Managed to activate the internal WiFi on my Galaxy S3 running . While this seems undesirable at first (the firmware is proprietary), in practice this might be the best compromise by far. The alternatives are:

- Replicant with SIM card (non-free baseband chip needed, tracking)
- LineageOS on WiFi (way more proprietary crap)
- Replicant with external WiFi (almost unusable in practice)

Now I have exactly one proprietary component on the entire phone which should be acceptable 🤔 😁

"Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness."

- Werner Herzog

In case anyone is interested - this is our Tor relay:

It's running on a with Debian jessie-backports activated and is pretty stable and reliable. It has relayed many terabytes so far which is pretty cool.

Bifröst is indeed "not recommended" right now because it uses an outdated version of Tor:

This is pretty bad and embarrassing for a bridge authority. Just sayin'...

Tor bridge authority Bifröst will be replaced by Serge asap because of "poor maintenance". Bifröst is run by Isis Lovecraft, a Tor core developer. What's going on there? Another Tor-internal fuck-up?

...und um das hier nochmal ganz klar zu sagen - das ist meiner Meinung nach ein Greenwashing-Produkt für Reiche. Und das schert sich überhaupt nicht um Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeit. Bitte beide kritisch betrachten und *nicht* blind kaufen!

Geliebtes Smartphone – bist Du böse?

"Smartphones werden im weltweiten Durchschnitt bereits nach rund 20 Monaten gegen ein neues Gerät getauscht. Ein solch schneller Wechsel sollte aber dringend überdacht werden. Wie im Folgenden beschrieben wird, sind die Geräte von der Wiege bis zur Bahre eine Katastrophe für die ökologische und soziale Nachhaltigkeit."

Endlich schreibt das mal jemand an etwas prominenterer Stelle. Gebraucht kaufen und/oder lange nutzen - sehr gut!👍

Damn, Einstürzende Neubauten are amazing. Been listening to them all evening while thinking about cyberpunk, solarpunk, libre tech and the revolution. Suddenly it all makes sense.

(if you read this: thank you, special person ❤️ )

@resist_berlin "WE have tools available that were considered ridiculously radical only a generation ago. Why are we using them so sheepishly?"

Damn is that ever a rallying cry.

Fight for the users, and all that.