Nach der Meuterei soll nun auch noch das Syndikat verdrängt werden. Solidarisieren wir uns. #Gentrifizierung zerstört Subkultur.

#Kreuzberg #Neukölln

This "Wireless" episode of Computer Chronicles from 2001 introduced all sorts of modern technology to a broader audience - tablets and smartphones, bluetooth and WiFi, even video streaming:

Quite interesting how awkward and clumsy everything looked back then. 🙂

"Funding Matters:

As privacy scholars and advocates concerned with human rights, we write to express our dismay with the decision to have Palantir as a platinum sponsor for the Amsterdam Privacy Conference (APC)."

Sehr gut, vielleicht könnte man sich bei dieser Gelegenheit das unsägliche Funding der re:publica auch mal anschauen? 🤔

The activists at and elsewhere are rightfully getting a lot of attention because surface mining is so visibly destructive and dirty.

We have to realize that they are actually preserving what keeps us from inevitably drifting towards a grey future. They deserve our full support because it is ultimately the same struggle.

Forest campaigners are |s and we should learn from them. We know how to fight digital Megacorps, but we have to do more than that.


Many people wonder whether we are already living in an actual dystopia. Technically, it might be true: the 2017 revenue of is bigger than for example Switzerland's or Norway's. Tech megacorps have immense wealth and power.

However, Cyberpunk is dark, bleak and rainy. As long as we have sunshine and parks, forests and nature nearby, we can take breaks and recover. , Apple etc. cannot take that away from us (yet).

Mining companies such as can.


So. 23.09. – 14 Uhr | Treffen für ein Soziales Zentrum in Neukölln | @ Hearts Fear (Wildenbruchstr. 24)

(EN: follow the link below!)

Der Sommer ist fast vorbei, aber wir brauchen immer noch ein Soziales Zentrum in Neukölln. Nach dem Sommerfest im August geht es nun darum Pläne für die nächsten Monate zu schmieden. Kommt vorbei, diskutiert und plant mit uns!

Blogeintrag in de/en hier:

Zwischenfall im Hambacher Forst: Laut Polizei Aachen ist am Mittwoch (19.09.2018) eine Mann aus großer Höhe von einem Baum gestürzt und hat sich dabei schwere Verletzungen zugezogen. Der Unfall habe sich in der Waldbesetzer-Siedlung "Beechtown" ereignet. Wie die Aachener Polizei twitterte, handelt es sich bei der Person "mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit um einen Journalisten".


The myspace homepage ( is one of the saddest places on the internet right now. It literally recommends to "Connect with Avicii".

Ouch 😬

Writing a whole bunch of e-mails today - so far all of them but one were encrypted. Once you have the public keys, it's really a no brainer.

And people say is dead? 🙃

Why is GNU Ring that much under the radar?

It seems to have all sorts of desirable features and works really well. It's like Signal, but decentralized and you can choose your identifier freely. Does anyone have any experience with it?

Tried it out on two Replicant phones for half an hour and I'm already a fan :yayblob:

Might be a good idea to launch way more sites from now on, where you can host whatever you want.

Like Onion-Wikis and Onion-Mediagoblins etc. - just don't expect HD streaming to work, but everything else should be fine.

Things are going to get a lot worse before things get worse.

Best news of the day - 9 is in the works, based on Android AOSP 9 Pie:

I think I should actually contribute more to that project, in one way or another. It is one of the few lighthouse projects that aims for the impossible (a 100% free mobile OS) *and* largely succeeds. Congrats!

Also Replicant 6.0 0004 and 0005 will be available soon.

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