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recipe for today:

3 Thinkpad X200 laptops
24 GB of RAM
3 240 GB SSDs
3 Atheros AR5B95 WiFi chips
1 RaspberryPi
1 SOIC-16 clip

Mix components carefully, flash for 60-90 minutes, add 100% free OS.

Enjoy three refurbished privacy- and freedom-respecting machines 🤓

The degree of solidarity between people defending the Berlin squats today was mindblowing. It strengthened my belief that a system with minimal authority is indeed possible and might function very well. Everyone was taken care of today, there was food, water, medical care, friendship - decent human behavior, completely by instinct, no rules necessary.

Just don't be an oppressive asshole, that's all.

"In Erwägung, dass da Häuser stehen,
während ihr uns ohne Bleibe lasst,
haben wir beschlossen, jetzt dort einzuziehen,
weil es uns in unseren Löchern nicht mehr passt." (Brecht, 1935)

Security nihilism is not a realistic option:

Still a bit too lenient from a radical perspective, but much much better than EFF's analysis and its weird recommendations... 🤔

What if we all learn and make it the official language of the fediverse?

I like how even most nerds say that the GNU contribution to GNU/Linux is negligible and Stallman shouldn't make such a fuss about it. Let's just call it "Linux".

Then they proceed with using GIMP on GNOME, (hopefully) encrypting their emails with GPG and running R in their statistics courses.

Oh yeah and GNUradio is kinda cool. But this is of course all completely unrelated. 🙄

On geomonitoring. If you're carrying a baseband receiver connected to a battery then your position is logged every few seconds and the data stored by telcos. This isn't a new situation, it's been going on for at least a decade (probably longer). The resolution from triangulation especially in urban areas is good enough to tell who is sleeping with who.

This is why there's often advice to leave mobile phones at home if you attend a protest. Even if you use a burner phone the geolocation connects one phone to another within the tracking software.

So nobody in 2018 should really be surprised by this. By now the tracking systems will be in a highly advanced stage of development, probably using AI and unsupervised learning to make inferences and guess future movements based on historical patterns.

Experimenting with some ultra-low bandwidth video encoding... There's no point in doing this in 2018, but I'm surprised how good webms at 56K (aka modem speed) look and sound with VP9 and opus. Esp. opus at 16 kbit/s is still mindblowingly good quality.

Otoh, good to know that if everything goes to shits, you can produce podcasts or news shows at home, and at that bitrate hundreds of people could stream the broadcast simultaneously from your *home* connection. Always good to know. 😏

Die Linke (Left party) leading for the first time ever in the BerlinTREND polls (which means that a majority would vote for them if there were Berlin-wide elections next Sunday).

Die Linke is far from perfect, but it's... an achievement. Congrats.

so the Australian regulator is investigating the claims that Google's covert extraction of data from android devices, through taping into everyone's data plan, would amount to 580.000.000$ worth of *data* (just the transfer not the value when aggregated in profile!)

This is massive. Has anyone heard of similar study/investigation anywhere else?

#FuckOffGoogle #Straya

Just had to salvage my own router, lol. For some reason, I had to renew the VPN certificate - now it's working again. My little buddy. Good boy.

Very important for the neighborhood btw, up to 25 people are using it. I'm even thinking about handing out some old 841Ns for free... for ad-hoc use... Would love to create a square km around Hermannplatz entirely covered by, this would be insane. If anyone living nearby is interested in this, please contact me! THX

@resist_berlin Yes. We have all the hardware and pretty good software. The future of the internet is really up to us.

Technology trends are moving in a dark direction but I think we're living in a time when many things are still up for grabs. Changing the trends is still possible.

To all the GnuPG donors: We already made it from 41€ to 206€ within just 36 hours. This is pretty insane, and most of the donors were inspired by this Mastodon campaign.

Please contribute if you can, and let's at least try to surpass the April amount of 342€ 🤗 We can do better than that!

If you can't contribute directly, please boost this as much as you can 🎈

Just donated 20€ to for keeping it real. They have only received 41€ in May so far, which is ridiculously low given the importance of that project. Please help out if you can:

(Really angry to see this shit blowing up on mainstream media now, this will be a frustrating week...)

Quite interesting that merely 30 hours later there is not much talk about and anymore.

Apparently, the "total PR overkill" disclosure practice really made folks either completely abandon encryption or made them aware of who they can really trust (*hint* GnuPG *cough*) and chill out. And the few actually existing bugs will be fixed in a couple of days.

Certainly, EFF and many media outlets didn't shine. I wonder what will happen if somebody told them that Windows is insecure? 😑

SIM still not working. It's been 5 hours now. Guess my cellular trial is over before it really started. How can something as important as cell phone infrastructure break nation-wide? Future of mobile communications looks great.

We need more .

O2, Eplus, Aldi Talk - all dead in Berlin right now. Telefonica's entire network has apparently been down for hours, in many places throughout Germany, which is insane. And today is literally the day I wanted to try out some mobile stuff using an Aldi Talk sim card I only bought for this reason :thisisfine:

Can we also please talk about the need to MITM the encrypted message first before one can launch any attack? Thanks to ubiquitous TLS, this seems to be the much more difficult feat to pull off these days (unless you have considerable resources). The cost of targeting and MITMing a given user is gigantic.

Telling the general public to uninstall GPG extensions is really silly, they should do the opposite. And install updates and disable html, ffs. Everything else is just FUD 😩

Just realized why the recommends uninstalling your GPG extensions over simply disabling html content in your software - their own weekly e-mail newsletter "EFFector" is full-blown html 🤔 🤗