Just donated 20€ to for keeping it real. They have only received 41€ in May so far, which is ridiculously low given the importance of that project. Please help out if you can:

(Really angry to see this shit blowing up on mainstream media now, this will be a frustrating week...)

@resist_berlin There's more detail here and maybe something new has been discovered in S/MIME but it still looks like the mitigation is for clients to not render html. Not rendering html is not exactly a new security posture.

@resist_berlin Thanks for the inspiration! Added 10€ as well, and I consider to make it a 5€ per month payment in future.

More people should do that!

@resist_berlin 👍

We need to provide better funding to critical projects. I bet there are a lot more security open source projects that we rely on daily, but are starving for developer-time/funds.

Encore un problème, celui du financement des logiciels libres, qui serait si facilement résolu avec le salaire à vie…

@resist_berlin Thanks for the reminder. I wanted to do the same for many months and now I've finally setup a recurring donation 🙂

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