Watching on my 12 year old Thinkpad X60, just for fun. It runs Libreboot and Debian Sid and handles it perfectly - the HD stream causes only ~30% CPU load.

It's really not necessary to buy new hardware all the time. May this be a reminder :)

@resist_berlin nice! I am currently setting up a x230 with Linux. And when “finished” I will try to use it as my daily driver.

Need to find out if it can replace my trusty MacBook Pro 13” from early 2015.

@arl I might actually have the X220 keyboard you're looking for. Is it okay if I check my stock tomorrow?

@resist_berlin I have the same at home, with Ubuntu !
A little slow today, but it works!

@resist_berlin Tried watching DVB-C high definition channels on our Mid 2007 iMac via a USB TV stick and it struggles. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My Facebook stream full of people not getting anything done as their shiny new laptops choke on Windows 10 updates....

@resist_berlin I've been using a $130 thinkpad x230 I bought second hand on gumtree here in London 6 months ago. It works great.

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