Building the toolchain late at night. Can't remember if this takes 15 minutes or 2 hours 🤔

Anyway, we're currently in the process of replacing with blobless Coreboot. This fixes a number of bugs and gives us more control over the resulting flash image. We've tested this on a number of laptops and so far it seems to be working fine.

It is however considerably less straight-forward than using Libreboot or . One could probably spend years studying it.

"What could go wrong with devices that have non replaceable batteries?"

A very important post-mortem of trying to get running on a Samsung SM-N930F. Must read.

Not sure if anyone caught our little april fools joke, but we're back to normal 😊

»Was können wir durch das Modifizieren des Betriebssystems oder anderer Software [des „smartphones“] erreichen und was nicht?“, also „Wovor können wir uns wie schützen und wovor nicht?«

This metaphor of "logging in" for "free" content has to vanish.

10 free books from HaymarketBooks? Please provide your e-mail address and login.

Free new music from Nine Inch Nails? Please create an account to continue.

And of course: free Wifi for 3h. Please login.

It's never free.

The Thinkpad T400 is the best laptop of all times IMHO:

- 14" display and 1440x900 pixels are just fine
- you can run or blobless , and then Atheros WiFi
- you can upgrade the CPU to 3.06 GHz dualcore (Intel T9900) or at least 2.26 GHz quadcore (Intel Q9100) with some modding
- 8 GB RAM and any size SSD work well
- the keyboard has 2.5 mm lash
- the touchpad is small but super precise
- every component is easy to replace
- DVD drive
- docking station

Available for <100€ 😊

Covid-19 in Berlin, cautiously optimistic 

Läuft bei euch anderen der @besetzen Stream auch so dermaßen unflüssig?

(ja, ausnahmsweise Link zu Twitch weil wichtig)

In CR258 haben Lutz, Mirco, Sascha und @danimo mit @monoxyd über digitale Infrastruktur in Krisenzeiten gesprochen. Hört rein:

Call for testing: 4.5~rc1

Tails 4.5, scheduled for April 7, will be the first version of Tails to support Secure Boot.

You can help Tails by testing the release candidate for Tails 4.5 now.

The thing is, we need more content and less technology in these times, at least less technology that is in the way.

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Thinking about starting a blog that is just a hand-written ASCII file.

- very low computational and bandwidth requirements
- should display correctly on any device
- downloadable and printable
- lends itself to incorporating ASCII art
- no distractions at all

- collaboration is difficult
- links are highly impractical
- pictures are impossible

Any opinions?

In Zeiten wie diesen muss man eben Abstriche machen.

@resist_berlin_ @decentral1se
>Why not have aircrack-ng and nmap ready at the same spot?

good question.

some answer:

- unkown to many that do direct action

possible solution:

- skillshare

Yes, Nine Inch Nails released a new album, Ghosts V and VI, for "free". Yes, it's probably and generally very laudable. My comrade couldn't download it because "site not found".

Until they've fixed this issue, be aware that Ghosts I-IV is available for download at

Some bonus tracks:

And here are the stems, if you want to make a remix:

featured 02 Ghosts I and 20 Ghosts III, btw.

Solidarität: die Fähigkeit, sich deutschen Interessen unterzuordnen.

Shoutout to @resist_berlin_ for fixing my laptop just in time for my conference call tomorrow! ❤️

Welche alternativen Lösungen macht die Corona-Epidemie nötig? Können wir zuhause lernen, Party machen und dazu noch mit unseren Liebsten in Kontakt bleiben? Mehr zur digitalen Infrastruktur in Krisenzeiten erfahrt ihr heute im Chaosradio 258 mit @monoxyd live ab 20 Uhr.

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