new rule, if you're not cuddling me in bed you don't get to talk to me about the global cyberwar
all cops are bastards and intelligence agents are the ubercops

Protonmail is the used car salesman who'll sell you an "airbag" full of sawdust of the email world

Anyone who lies to their users about the security/privacy afforded by their service, so that they can make money from them, is an unredeemable asshole of the first degree. Looking at you, Protonmail.

Bitcoin™: It sounds cryptocool until you think about the digital ponzi scheme and electricity consumption of a small nation part

Protonmail™: It sounds cryptocool until the giving ownership over the most important digital resource you have to a faux-open faux-secure commercial entity

The only obstacle for briars "blog" feature in replacing twitter for activists is the lack of pictures & video, i.e. the rather limited capability of spreading communist memes.

That, and the insane battery drain

"the boomer trolley problem" 

Rassismus, Mord, Verfahrenseinstellung 

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