in France, it is illegal to acknowledge differences of race when collecting data. which is to say that it is illegal to collect data on racism and racial inequalities. the ultimate form of "pointing out racism is the real racism"

@garfiald oh yeah, why would anyone ever think it might be a bad idea to collect data on race in central europe, it's just like as if such data might used for idk genocide or something

@garfiald ur argument is the racial equivalent to "getting rid of buerocratic gender assignment would make sexism invisible and is harmful to women" hot take usually pointed out by TERFs btw 🙂

@reyhan obviously no one should be forced to disclose their ethnicity in any situation. No one should ever have to disclose their gender in any situation, and bureaucratic gender assignment should be abolished for all. Data on racial and gender inequalities should be collected when said information is given voluntarily, which is often already the case.

@reyhan I'm impressed by the effectiveness with which you took my post in the worst faith possible and framed your objection in the most incriminating terms possible. "Being unable to document racial discrimination and racism directly contributes to racism and shuts down any serious attempts to combat it" isn't a particularly hot take, it's been held by most French activists for decades.

@garfiald i'm assuming you're not speaking a from (continental) europa perspektive when you are using the term "race"

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