As my old phone is fallin apart I need to find a new one (preferably refurbished) supported by recent lineage OS (16/17), display 6.2" max (preferably smaller), ideally sd card slot, preferably wireless charging + waterresistant, decent camera, ~350-400+ ppi, usb C, good battery life (at least one day without charging). For now the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 looks most promising, but it's not really satisfying... I didn't expect this to be an almost impossible problem. Help please!

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For reference, I now have a Samsung Galaxy S7 that really does everything for me (except the display is broken at multiple spots, the micro usb slot doent work anymore it doesnt have lineage support anymore and the notificatio LED is broken 😉 ) but from the original specs it'd be perfect... *sigh*

@rhalina last time i checked ( before i self repaired my screen, your phone (s7) was the best option. Oppo made some phone that work well too, but i didnt see software release for moto g6 or g7. Also i had a huawei p20 in hand, thats quite a device. Will dig for the oppo reference. Have you considered giving it for repair ? I suppose screen and usb is fixable

@plietsche_deern The problem is fixed by now and I'm kind of happy with my pocophone f1 - but thanks 😊

@rhalina @claudius I run the pocophone f1 with lineage just fine. Battery life is really awesome, but the device is very, very large. The lineage Camera results in poor image quality but there is an unofficial Google camera port with nice quality.

@rhalina pretty happy with LineageOS 16 on my Poco F1 here. What are you missing?

@rhalina Ah... Waterproof and wireless charge. With well over a day of battery life, I don't miss the wireless charge....

@brnrd It's just a convenience feature I've become used to. But I can do without. I think my main fear with the Poco F1 is that it's insanely large, but that seems to be a thing with modern phones. Thanks for the experience report :)

@rhalina i'd like a smaller phone too... Apparently no interest among LOS devs...

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