Does anyone know a flatrate like model to consume audiobooks? Audible seems quite expensive (yes, if I was sure the money would go to the authors I'd be happy to pay their fees, but as of now this reviewer is not convinced). bookbeat has a large collection of popular stuff, but sadly I'm a scifi/fantasy/dystopian geek and it lacks in that respect..... Any suggestions? Flatrate model is prefered, but optional.

@rhalina Audible. BookBeat. Storytel.

That‘s pretty much it.

@rhalina in the "cool tools" podcast, Cory @doctorow recommended - haven't tried it myself, but probably worth a look

@skyr @doctorow That's actually a really cool service. Sadly the subscription is only availble for U.S/CA based customers.

@rhalina What about Spotify?

Apart from the original app you can use Spooks as wrapper.

The original app has to be on the device as well.

@ddeimeke I'm android based, but thanks for the hint. I'll have a look at the spotify option (I didn't consider that at all until now :) )

@ddeimeke I'll have to check what content in my genres is availble there. I'd love to have something that has a little bit more sustainable/fair pricing model than spotify.

@rhalina You will find a lot of titles which are on Audible as well.

Unfortunately, do not know about any service that delivers DRM-free material.

I did not recently check it, but Amazon used to have mp3-files.

@ddeimeke Ok :) thanks for the input - I think until something more fair/sustainable will come up I might jump on that. was suggested so me, but their subscription sevice is for U.S./CS based customers only :( otherwise that'd have been my choice

@rhalina @ddeimeke (in German) there is also Thalia. They provide mp3 files (which I think are watermarked). The subscription is priced the same as audible, but the catalogue is smaller.
Also their ebooks are epubs which are only watermarked.

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