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Hmm. Why is the sentence "Everyone smiles in the same language" written in four different languages on this fortune cookie 🤔

Hmm. Wieso steht der Spruch "Jeder lächelt in der selben Sprache" in vier verschiedenen Sprachen auf diesem Glückskeks 🤔

... well ... count me not surprised at all, this is expected and noone would have thought different, but we are back at Trump's crap again ... When will this madness on cutting basic human decency end? :/

Ich glaub ich hab ein neues Lieblingslied. - "Wär ich heute in der Schule" <3 So schön eingängig und der Text relateable

Yay. First semi-success with . Defined my first builder. Now I only need to figure out how to make it install package build dependencies ... and work further from there on. Potentially make it spawn a new worker directly to make it extra clean/smooth ... anyone got snippets or such? xD

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"Sick Systems: How To Keep Someone With You Forever"

A useful and good read on broken relationships, both workwise and personal

If you haven't heard (much) about yet, these two shorts by intersex people might help you get a better understanding: (French, with subtitles), (English, also with subtitles)

"Just a psa that bisexuals in committed monogamous relationships have not chosen “a side” they have chosen a person. Thank you and have a good night" --

hey i'm looking for #queer #romance novels. preferably by and with trans lesbians and like fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction are cool.
i really liked Tengoku by Rae D. Magdon and like some short stories.

... wenn du von Berlin auf dem Heimweg bist und von Nachbar* eine Nachricht bekommst dass dein WLAN nicht funktioniert und gefragt wird wann du denn Heim kommst

Alright, seen myself on the big screen of the TransFormations Trans Film Festival Berlin, I can happily head home. Was a pleasure being here and seeing all these great movies :new_rainbow_flag: :trans_flag:

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