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I never posted an it seems, and given new followers coming around, here it is:

I am not easily described. I have multiple backgrounds. being one since well over 20 years. being one I'm out and proud about since over 17 years now. I do every now and then when I have something to say, and I'm an . When I respond on that grounds I do it to offer learning, not to make you feel bad. Mistakes happen, learning is key.

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"1 Song per Day" (via, - and personally I stumbled upon in through @aza_leah <3#songsoup

(sorry, I can't leave music related memes behind ...)

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I'll be speaking about haiku & hacker culture (and more) on Pispalan Haikupäivä, with @lalobee making an appearance.

So this has happened / was asked to participate / in event

The only thing is / it is a finnish event / and I don't speak it

we'll see how it goes / I'm looking forward to it / don't speak the language

besteht allerdings trotzdem darauf, dass der Führerschein mit dem geführten Namen überein stimmt. Deadnaming in jeder Mail und der App, oder fürs das abgesicherte Recht auf den eigenen Namen einstehen? 3/3

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Allerdings gibt es laut österreichischem Recht keine Notwendigkeit, den Führerschein bei einer Namensänderung ändern zu lassen. Bleibt gültig, nur kein Ausweis mehr. Ist ja auch mit Kosten verbunden, hab ich daher nicht gemacht. 2/3

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bei : Automatisiert wollen sie einen aktuellen Scan des Führerscheins. Soweit, so gut, gemacht. 1/3

Subtile Kommunikation des 12jährigen: In der ganzen Wohnung sind QR Codes verklebt und wenn ich sie neugierig scanne, lese ich: 'Ich möchte gerne einen Gaming PC haben.'

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Alright then.

International colleagues, I want you to see exactly what is happening over here—an anatomy of atrocity denial as part of a broader campaign of bigotry.

The account below is run by Marie-Luise Vollbrecht, at the Humboldt University in Berlin. 1/

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Für den @KURIERat durfte ich einen Gastkommentar zum Thema Selbstbestimmungsgesetz geben. Wenn euch noch ein Argument dafür interessiert, warum Selbstbestimmung auch in Österreich wichtig sein sollte, lest hier:

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I dunno why I'm posting this cuz there aren't many Black people here. I just don't want others to self-harm by trying to avoid hating racist shitheads - that expectation is pure distilled anti-blackness. Meet anti-black fuckwads with all the hostility you have in your afrikan heart :QueerCatHeart_panafrican: Ignore and kill the internal gaze of pearl-clutching fash sympathizers and moderates who'd sacrifice your wellbeing in a heartbeat to coddle racists

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Tipp für den Umgang mit nervenden Wespen in der Wohnung:

Wenn sie sich im Geschirrspüler umsieht und hinein fliegt, einfach zu machen. Nach zehn Minuten wieder öffnen. Die Wespe fliegt direkt zur Balkontür und verabschiedete sich mit den Worten:

"Wenn du mich so behandelst, siehst du mich hier nie wieder - ich gehe!"

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Wenn die Debatte sinnvoll geführt werden will, gehört dieses Wort aber zentral mit eingebunden, da die Erfahrungen und Schwierigkeiten von trans Personen oft diametral unterschiedlich sind, auch wenn wir gemeinsam von Transfeindlichkeit betroffen sind.

In case you think I'm overreacting, I'm not. This is the conference dinner vegan option on the left. We definitely can do better as a project than that

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And when you aren't labeling allergies and don't really have staff around that is able to let you know it can become dangerous, or people just not eating anything but basic stuff like fruits because they are safe

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On top of that, if you do a buffet either at least make sure that vegans can go first to get something or make sure you have enough of those parts that vegans are able to eat.

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If your approach to food is to leave off the meat and other animal products and serve everyone the same apart from that, you are not catering vegans and are ignorant. Sorry to say it that direct, but you are depriving us of essential nutritions, and don't seem to care.

There is no rapid onset gender dysphoria, there is only rapid onset hate

country-blocks content. That's well known.

though is that it can do that only when you're online. So when you downloaded something to watch later, and your system says you can't watch it where you are: go offline. It'll suddenly become available again to watch.

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