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"1 Song per Day" (via, - and personally I stumbled upon in through @aza_leah <3#songsoup

(sorry, I can't leave music related memes behind ...)

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Ookay. After my upgrade to buster some pages in chromium seems to trigger kernel bugs in the graphics's driver and make the X server crash. I guess that means even for lazy me to finally move over to firefox (yes, tested it, the same pages in firefox don't make it crash. :))

I think we should change "Being in the closet" to "Keeping a straight face" -- origin unknown

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#Florence isn't only about forking #Mastodon, we also want to collaborate with other #ActivityPub implementations across the #fediverse to improve every user's experience.

If you are involved with another project developing an AP-compatible service, Would you be interested in joining our Chat server (Mattermost) to collaborate on creating a better fediverse and possibly improve AP?

7 day vote, & for us to create a team and subsequently invite you all as a reply to this post.

Hello, non-binary people aus Hamburg und Umgebung.

Wir haben ein nb Meetup gegrΓΌndet und haben wahrscheinlich wΓΆchentlich Terminoptionen, mit wechselnden Wochentagen

Bisschen klΓΆnen, vernetzen, Unternehmungen, bisschen Selbsthilfegruppe.

Schreibt mal ne DM falls Interesse πŸ’š

An important thread on birdsite - please read it to the end

I have to add something about and the group of TERFs who snuck in the front to spread their transmisogony and make it look like they are leading the parade.

I know @EuroPride already said that they are not part of the parade and that they got removed,


You've seen the QPoC Flag, yes? Well here's the QTPoC Flag!

I'll have an SVG available of this eventually, but feel free to save this and share it and whatever you want. The black outline is there because I'm gonna try to make a patch from it, but it's easy to remove once you have the SVG.

If you want a regular image without the outline, lemme know and I'll upload one here to the fediverse

#openSource #vector #qtPoc #PoC #QPoC #transPride #queerPride #publicDomain #pride #prideMonth #quiltbag

... I seriously lost count about the number of articles explaining flags and being ridiculous biphobe in their explanation of pansexuality. Srsly, don't spread so much hate against bisexuals, you are doing yourself a huge disservice!


<Vyr> i'm here!
<Vyr> i'm queer!
** Vyr quit (connection reset by peer)

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For those who are willing to watch a video on Facebook (no login required, so incognito browser works), here is the stunning talk of Monica Benicio (and also other talks) from yesterday:

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