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"1 Song per Day" (via, - and personally I stumbled upon in through @aza_leah <3#songsoup

(sorry, I can't leave music related memes behind ...)

Hmm. Kennt das hier irgendwer? Ich bin angeschrieben worden, einen Gast-Kommentar dafür zu verfassen

(und ja, dsgvo, newsletter, https ...)

I don't think the future is expending more energy on people that have no interest in building healthy communities.

We've wasted enough time on people who have no interest in anything positive and define themselves by how much drama and chaos they can instigate.

The future is building connections and communities with people that actually give a shit creating environments that are healthy and edifying.

Happy Monday, beautiful people. Welcome to the future.

Yay. Die nächste Person in meinem Umfeld, die die Pronomen nin/nimser/nim/nin verwendet. Es scheint, dass sie sich langsam in der deutschen Sprache etablieren.

My kid made this lego Godzilla! They asked me to post it so it can get “a million likes!”

1.2.0 landed in unstable. If you used before make sure you read the upgrade documentation:

Also, you either might want to purge the plugin package before installing it (for now), otherwise you might run into which is fixed in git but not uploaded yet. We stumbled into some compile issues with certain architectures that we are currently trying to address and holds back the upload. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@crunchy Welches davon? Oder meinst du das Konzept? Primal Scream waren ja eine reguläre Band - Mashups ist ein gänzlich anderes Konzept: Verschiedene Lieder zusammen würfeln, übereinander legen, miteinander vermischen.

... es geht mit "Projekt Enby" weiter. Bis Sonntag könnt ihr noch Videobeiträge beisteuern zum Thema Transition:

... bin schon gespannt drauf, was andere dazu zu sagen haben. :)

Hmm. Trying to get 2FA in working seems to be more complicated than I expected. I can go to /settings/user/security and generate backup codes, but that's it. No QR code for scanning into the 2FA app. What am I missing here? Does it require some special php module that I might not have installed?

This ... sounds ... very very interesting!!

(and I don't want to talk about usage of google docs and http page only - which might be part of what I could envision submitting as a paper for it :))

How can a shop make me sorta insta fall in love with what they offer ... >.>

(if you need my shipping address and size information ...)

Uhm, sorry. This should have had a CW "from birdsite". Somehow I seemingly haven't saved after clicking the checkbox on . My bad. :/

Nochmal zur Erinnerung: man kann Schwangerschaftsabbruch nicht verbieten. Man kann nur einen sicheren, legalen Abbruch unter hygienischen Bedingungen verbieten. Mit allen Konsequenzen.

Starke Aussagen, starke Musik, starke Frau. 1000 Liebe

"Yasmo - ausgesprochen lautstark" auf Ö1 zum nachhören für die nächsten sieben Tage

(falls das eventuell Geo-IP blockiert ist, meldet euch in einer persönlichen Nachricht)

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