Say hi to #nextcloud 16 🤗

New & better:
🧮Machine learning protects logins
🔎Smart recommendations
🔑ACLs in Group Folders
📝Projects to relate info across apps
🗣️Talk 6 with Commands
🛡️Privacy Center to keep you in control
✅much more!

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@nextcloud The article speaks of 16 being available through the beta channel - but I still only get 15.0.7 through the beta channel, do I miss something or do I read it wrong? :)

@rhonda The @nextcloud fediverse bot is unmonitored and they never interact, which is sad.

They‘re usually doing a staggered rollout meaning inly a percentage if clients will get the update and over time that increases.

So in case something blows up, they can pull the update.

Just give it some time. :-)

@MacLemon Ah, right. But ... the slow rollout is for the stable channel. The beta channel is supposed to contain it already, asked on IRC, so something weird is going on here. :/ @nextcloud

@rhonda @nextcloud Of course you‘re right for the beta channel. Silly me is sorry.
Caching issue?

@MacLemon @nextcloud I have no clue. Selecting the daily channel gives me a build from 2019-04-08, so even that looks outdated.

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