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Look, I made a thing! After I saw the awesome blog post on city street orientations, I generated some charts for European and German cities (and refactored Geoff's IPython notebook into a script on the way). If you want to see a map of your favourite city in this style, tell me about it and I'll see what I can do.

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Be as brave as the RSS software, that trusts their feeds to come up with actual GUIDs.

The Escher Cloud: Confusing, mind-bending, can't exist in real space, screws with your head.

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„Django für Admins“ von und mit @rixx, jetzt live und in Farbe. Das Cover Slide ist genau mein Humor. :-D

You can't take the TODO out of Mastodon.

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Das Engelsystem ist aktuell down -- wir brauchen ab 8 Uhr Engel für Bändchenkontrollen und Infodesk.

Meldet euch am Infodesk!


Well, since I abandoned my literary account and you'll have to bear with me here, have a look at this comprehensive take on genre stigma against sci-fi (as Ian McEwan recently demonstrated so beautifully):

Hm, might be terminally down? Seems very unmaintained – I'm a bit sad about that, I felt that my reading account was in a good place there. I might just start spamming y'all here with my stuff. Or leave that over at Twitter, hmm.

Wow, ein gefrorenes Fohlen aus der Eiszeit wurde in Sibirien gefunden. Krass gut erhalten, so inklusive Haar, Haut, innerer Organe – soweit, dass sie flüssiges Blut aus dem Herzgewebe extrahieren konnten. Jetzt wollen sie versuchen, es zu klonen.

(Bilder vom Fohlen im Artikel):

Der -Fahrplan sieht aber mal ausgezeichnet aus. Sehr viele schöne Dinge dabei.

TIL about nextcloud's federation sharing, this is nice!

Gene Wolfe died yesterday at the age of 87. He was mostly famous for his Book of the New Sun series, but was considered a brilliant authors for his other novels, too.

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Hey TL, du fährst zum und hast noch keinen Schlafplatz? Ich habe 1 Bett in einem 2Bettzimmer im A&O Hauptbahnhof übrig. Interesse? -> DM

Hey TL, going to and don't have a place to sleep yet? I've got a spare bed in a twin room at A&O Hauptbahnhof. Interested? DM me.

Man, the weather is excellent, and everything looks so nice and green outside that I'm just itching to go hiking. (But since I just spent a week getting and progressively ripping open a blister, I probably should stay home for a bit.)

At DjangoCon Europe, the brilliant Lily Ryan gave an equally brilliant talk on Victorian usage of arsenic and how it relates to privacy and data protection.

You can find it at the beginning (first 30 minutes) of the current livestream recording here: If you don't want to watch a video, you can also have a look at my writeup:

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It was first discovered in 1882 by renowned geologist Maria D. B. Postgres

If you're interested in (the web framework), and can't be at Europe this week, feel free to check out my blog these threes days – I'll be live-posting writeups at

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