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Look, I made a thing! After I saw the awesome blog post on city street orientations, I generated some charts for European and German cities (and refactored Geoff's IPython notebook into a script on the way). If you want to see a map of your favourite city in this style, tell me about it and I'll see what I can do.

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@rixx "Here's an overly complicated vastly more expensive version of an already existing economic solution" should be pre-filled in the kickstarter submission form for setting up a campaign

Can't search through toots: I get it, cool

Can't search through my own toots: The most annoying thing.

Mit @luto kann man vollständige und nuancierte Gespräche führen, die nur "ohje" und leicht variierte Interpunktion enthalten. Vielleicht, wenn es richtig hart eskaliert, noch ein "eh".

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Those Who Want To Burn Down Omelas

pretix hat die Sprachoptionen "de" und "de (informal)".

Ich geh dann mal alle Doppelnutzenden trollen, indem pretalx "de" und "de (formal)" bekommt?

Oh god this list of ops lessons is so painfully true:

> If you break it, you own it - for now; if you fix it, you own it - forever.

> Any sufficiently successful product launch is indistinguishable from a DDoS; any sufficiently advanced user indistinguishable from an attacker.

> Debugging any sufficiently complex open source product is indistinguishable from reverse engineering a black box.

I really try not to link to Twitter on here, but I have to mke an exception this once. This thread on romance writer Ida Cook (Mary Burchell), who together with her sister saved dozens of jews from Nazi Germany. It punches right in the feelings. 😭

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I am fairly confident that being a CEO is like being the farmer on "Shaun the Sheep." You're nominally in charge, but the staff constantly runs amok and you have no idea what's truly going on. 🐑 🐑 🐑

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On Scraping Mastodon:

If they hadn't misunderstood the difference between a name of a field and the social and cultural implications of it's usage, this paper wouldn't have been written.

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Einige der jungen Schauspieler, die Pfeiffers Klassenkameraden gespielt hatten, erlebten die Premiere nicht mehr - sie waren nach dem Dreh direkt an die Front geschickt worden und gefallen

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@ln make sure to compile with -O2 for complete combustion

My big resolution for this year was to act and think more intentional. I'm doing a bunch of things towards this goal, and I've noticed that I have gotten used to a fair amount of behaviour that is just driven by unspoken aversions.

So I made a list of the most impactful aversions, and elaborated for each what it is and what the underlying reasons are. It's not the most terrifying piece of paper I've ever written, but it comes close.

My life is complete: There are collectible Hieronymus Bosch figurines, and I have the perfect person to gift them to.

So apparently, baby cages were a thing – anybody know if they existed in Europe, too?

I think I've had this issue every time I've looked at Apache projects in the past, but: what even is Apache Airflow?

Just look at – it tells me "Airflow is a platform created by community to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows."

Sooo? What even is a workflow in this context? The next sections don't clarify anything and definitely win the empty buzzword award.

We have published a write-up of the current state of, particularly our finances:

There's no cause for alarm – this is just a transparency post, and a big THANK YOU to everybody who is supporting us. You're the best! :fairydust:

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