Reminder: If you are knowledgeable about something (and you are!), you are in a position to help people. If you have the spoons/energy/capacity, post it to your timeline occasionally!
Maybe pin it to your profile? Or we could find a good hashtag for this?

My part:
- Tech: I know about , especially web development with Python, some general website skills, I have basic administration skills on servers, including stuff with .
- Looking for to read, especially and ? Hit me up for recommendations.

@l Works for me, let's see if others play along.

@rixx i think a hashtag would be the most public and searchable method for this. For example #gethelp #searchforhelp

#canhelpwith audio / music making and recodig / producing.
Basic knowledge about photography and video taking / editing.
Basic knowledge about server administration & docker

@rixx Already done with Dune? Man, you're way faster than I was.

@Aarkon Haha, only with the first volume! After getting through the first parts, the pace picked up nicely, I thought. As often with scifi, great worldbuilding, not-so-great characters.

@rixx In this regard, I can recommend the second volume, because it focuses a lot more on the character traits in genereal and on what power makes of Paul and how he struggles with the decissions he has to make especially.
I do have an epub somehwere if you're interested. ;)

@Aarkon I'm good on the ebook. My main problem wasn't the lack of character traints, but the distribution: Paul was extremely Mary Sue-ish, and about everybody else either Good or Evil, excepting maybe Jessica.

@rixx I read that toot and that is why I recommend the second iteration. 😉
Paul's character is not different in Messiah, but his powers don't suddenly turn the story around.

Dune is not about characters, as persons. It's about big organizations fighting for their survival, and how it impacts humanity as a whole. There's more to the story, but I wouldn't want to spoil it for you...

@rixx @Aarkon
Addendum: it helps to view organizations as characters.

@ScriptFanix @Aarkon I see your point but I disagree with the consequences. I know fiction that depicts the struggle of corporations and countries well without resorting to flat characters. And I disagree with viewing organisations as persons on principle, as that's lazy arguing and lazy storytelling. They can be seen as something like an alien race, sure, but no law of scifi says "if you focus on an alien race, all humans have to be boring".

The saga spread millions of years, some characters are well defined, with their interval struggles and so on. Others are more there as proxies for an organisation.

@ScriptFanix @Aarkon The saga may do all that, but I was talking about exactly one book. The book spans a bit more than two years, and while I liked it (as I said), I think the criticism of a very Mary-Sue-ish protagonist and otherwise very clearly Good-or-Evil characters is valid.

Oh ok. But then I'd say it is not fair to judge one book out of a 7 volume story by itself.
Dune I focuses on exposing the universe, Dune II and the Messiah are more about characters.
Again, I'm trying not to spoil 😉

@ScriptFanix @Aarkon Sure, it's valid to say "Dune on its own is not a book, you NEED to read all the books." I'm not a fan of authors who don't manage to build at least some story arch into each book they release, as I argue that this is the point of a book, but alright. Since not everybody has the time and the money to read seven books, this makes the series that less inaccessible.
(I'm also confused as how my "judging" is unfair when I say that it's a good book, but hey.)

Honestly, I don't know why this is not a 6 volume saga. Dune I and II cover the same narrative arch. The split in two books is completely artificial.
I don't know if it's FH's choice or the editor's.
I understand your frustration.

@ScriptFanix @rixx Also, I kind of disagree with the Mary Sue aspect of Paul, at least a bit: Paul's skill set is not a coincidence or an indicator for bad writing, but he is the result of millennia of breeding by the Bene Gesserit. There are in fact even characters who can match him, e.g. his sister. Therefore, you might as well take them both as a super heroes.

@ScriptFanix @rixx That said, I'm absolutely with you concerning the black & white characters. I literally snorted when Baron Harkonnen, in addition to being abominably fat, was described as also paedophile.
In Dune Messiah, there are still lots of individuals far on the bad end of the spectrum, but the heroes struggle a lot more in my opinion. I honestly think you might like it even better. 😉

@rixx Since from time to time I meet people who don't know the book:

But I think you do 😄

@jaltek To be honest, I tried Otherland when I was ~14 and didn't really get into it. It's probably time to try again.
(I mean, I enjoyed the Lord of the Rings when I was 9, so it's not that it was too slow or too epic)

@jaltek The only other book by Tad Williams I read was "The Dirty Streets of Heaven", which didn't impress me.

- Etwas Erfahrung mit Linux Servern insb. Ubuntu, Mailserver mit postfix, Dovecot und Mailman(2.x), Ansible
- Elektrik und Mechanik insb was praktische Umsetzung betrifft
- Umgang mit Werkzeug, vom Lötkolben bis zur Schlagbohrmaschine
- Fahren von großen und kleineren Fahrzeugen (LKW mit Anhänger bis PKW), Umsetzung von Logistischen Herausforderungen

@pcopfer @rixx hm, da kann ich mich anschließen. Hab nur keinen LKW-Schein, dafür darf ich aber Reisebus fahren

Ok enough debating about Dune😉
Wich book from Ann McCaffrey would you recommend besides the crystal singer (not sure that's the correct English title)?

@rixx Book recommendations, not sure you don't already know, mostly #scifi: Early William Gibson (Neuromancer et al). Early Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash, Diamond Age). Anything by P.K. Dick (Time out of joint, Do androids ... aka 'Blade Runner', ... ). Charles Stross (Halting State). If you want stranger stuff: Sean Stewart (Nightwatch) or Jeff Noon (Pollen, Yellow, Vurt). 😉

@tasmo Yeah. Not sure if there's an upper limit, but I've seen people with at least three pinned statuses.

@rixx : Podcast Production on Linux, Android Stuff : Everything nerdy (Fantasy & SciFi, Brony Stuff, Tabletop RPGs)
: Cooking

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