@rixx "criminal skills" doesn't sound like propaganda at all… 🤢

@devnull @rixx
IMO the whole idea that skills themselves could be criminal is insulting and signifies that we live under an oppressive regime.

@rysiek @kitsune @rixx @devnull
not sure about the skill itself, but IIRC in Poland it's illegal to posess lockpicking tools if you're not a professional locksmith (IANAL tho)

@Wolf480pl @devnull @rixx @rysiek Well Poland is one of exceptions because it's generally legal to posses lockpicks in europe :smugsiptea:

@kitsune @devnull @rixx @rysiek
IIRC there was some drama about posessing nmap being illegal, but IIRC it's legal now.

@Wolf480pl @rysiek @rixx @devnull wtf how could nmap be illegal. I do have stuff like aircrack-ng too :smugsiptea:

@kitsune Could you please untag me from further discussion?

@Wolf480pl Could you please untag me from further discussion?

@Wolf480pl Exactly! That means refusing to remain ignorant is a "crime"…

@rixx @rysiek

@rixx fsck them wit a stick; perhaps virgin.com should be categorized as "Corporate/Dumbfscks" on CCC wifi :D

@astrid To further suspense. Because the blocker website is too sensitive. Or because I misclicked. Your choice :awesome:


Whoop! They have levels! Challenge accepted, let's see if it goes as far as level 42!

@rixx Now you are marked on all the lists in all the agencies as having the knowledge how to use a keyboard.

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